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How to Measure & Increase Call Center Productivity?

Productivity and profitability go hand in hand which is why measurement of productivity has always been a critical element for call center owners around the world. There are several parameters that contribute towards the productivity of a call center on a whole which we are going to discuss in this blog. But before we do […]

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Cloud Call Center Solution

Cloud Call Center Solutions: Empowering Businesses for Success

Are you planning to switch to another cloud call center solution or find one for the very first time? No matter which case is yours, it is highly important that you choose the best solution as it will have a significant impact on the growth and performance of your call center. Once you start your […]

Cloud Communication Solution

5 Ways how Cloud Communication Solution can Boost Your Business?

Cloud has already become a mainstay in the business landscape and we can see its growing impact in business communication as well. According to Nemertes Research, “42% of companies say they have increased cloud adoption as of 2021.” More specifically, it has been found that 91% of companies use public cloud solutions and 72% use […]

cloud telephone system

Cloud Telephone System vs. Traditional Phone System

Should you get a cloud business phone system? Or stick to the conventional telephone setup that your company is already juggling to manage? In this age when technology is developing faster than ever before, a robust cloud telephone system is vital for a business. It is interesting to know that 74% of companies say that […]

cloud contact center

Cloud-Based Contact Center Solution: Key Features & How Does it Work?

Traditionally, contact centers were tethered to wired telephone lines and on-premise PBX systems. But times have changed and we have ushered in a new era where on-premise contact centers are a thing of the past. There’s no clunky hardware and no physical boundaries. These modern-day solutions use software as their primary tool that runs entirely […]

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