7 Industries That Can Benefit From Cloud Phone Systems

The saying, “Communication is your ticket to success if you pay attention and learn to do it effectively.” is entirely accurate for modern-day businesses. The way a business communicates not only reflects its standard but also helps in building its reputation in the market and attracting new prospects.

Without proper communication, a company or its people could suffer in several ways, as showcased below:


The above graph depicts the negative outcomes of improper communication against the % of people. ‘Wasted Time’ comes out to be the number one form of suffering while ‘lost employees’ comes out to be the last one. All these sufferings or outcomes are due to poor or gap in communication and can negatively impact the growth of an organization and its people.

For communication to take place effectively, the presence of the right set of tools and technologies is equally important as the communication itself. This means that businesses or companies must deploy the latest communication tools and this is where the need for a Cloud Business Phone System comes in. These Phone systems are emerging as one of the biggest revolutions in the communication industry because of the immense benefits they offer over traditional phone setups. Besides calling, cloud-based phone systems offer businesses the advantage of various advanced features such as Call Recording, Call Reporting, Interactive Voice Response, Voicemail, Business Phone Numbers, and much more. These systems work over the internet cloud and thus help businesses in saving a lot of money. 

Customer Service

Agents in the customer service industry work in a dynamic environment as they have to deal with different types of customer queries that demand quick response and resolution. A Cloud-based business phone system makes this task easy by providing various features. Intelligent Call Routing, which makes use of AI to direct customer calls to agents makes sure the call is directed according to the nature of the query and the expertise of the agent. With this, the Phone Systems for Customer Service ensures that the agent is proficient to handle a certain type of query. This increases the likelihood of customers getting a resolution as quickly as possible. 


Hospitality is a kind of industry that is expected to be available around the clock. The presence of virtual assistants in cloud phone systems can help a hospitality business handle routine customer calls without human intervention. Also, features such as Voicemail helps in ensuring that no customer calls get missed. Moreover, Phone Systems for Hospitality support remote working, which means the agents can take customer calls just from anywhere. So whether it is about making a reservation or providing information, hospitality professionals can do it while on the go. 

Real Estate

challenges faced by real estate businesses – report

The portable nature of cloud phone systems is the biggest advantage for real estate businesses. Real estate businesses usually have multiple locations which means agents are located in different regions. With a Cloud phone system for real estate, a business is able to allow its employees to take calls from wherever, whenever. Employees can choose their preferred device connected to an internet connection to ensure that no calls are being missed. 


A growing trend in the healthcare sector is Telemedicine i.e. interaction between patients and healthcare practitioners over phone calls and other communication channels. By using a cloud business phone system, patient-doctor consultations can happen easily over a call. Even if a doctor is not available to take a call, the patient can leave a voicemail, which can be accessed by the doctor whenever he becomes available. This trend is especially beneficial for patients located in rural or remote areas as they can get in touch with a doctor without taking the hassle of traveling to their medical center. 


Advanced features such as Multilevel IVR, Intelligent Call Routing, Click-to-Call, and Voicemail-to-email are some of the features of a cloud phone system that help customer support agents in the e-commerce sector manage queries efficiently and effectively. The application of cloud phone systems in the e-commerce sector is almost the same as in the customer service sector. Cloud Phone Systems for e-commerce usually integrate with other applications such as CRM software without any difficulty. These advantages make cloud phone systems a perfect fit for the e-commerce stack. 


The cost-effectiveness of the cloud phone systems is the key advantage for the finance industry where every penny is precious. Besides this, the flexibility to take calls on the move helps finance professionals to keep up with the fast-paced nature of this industry. Often, the call traffic gains a sudden spike in this industry which demands a robust and scalable phone system that can handle such pressure. Cloud Phone Systems for Finance allow adding and removing additional agent extensions as per the requirement with just a few clicks thus helping financial institutions in coping up with busy schedules quite easily. 


Non-profit organizations often work with other charities located in distant areas. Calling is a critical process in this industry to generate funds and update partners and contributors with the latest information. A cloud phone system for Non-profits allows this without any heavy investment in terms of equipment, implementation, and finances which offers significant value to these institutions.

There are several other industries that can gain cloud business phone system benefits. It is the right time to switch your business phone to the cloud and reap benefits before you are too late.

A cloud phone system entirely works over the internet, unlike the traditional phone systems that work on physical phone lines. These systems offer greater flexibility, scalability, and accessibility as users can make and receive calls from any internet-enabled device. Also, cloud phone systems offer more advanced communication features such as IVR, Click-to-Call Buttons, Call Forwarding, Voicemail-to-email, etc.

Yes, cloud phone systems can effortlessly accommodate high call volumes during peak periods. These systems are designed in a way that additional users can be dynamically added ensuring reliable performance even during busy hours.

Yes, employees can access cloud phone systems remotely as these systems are hosted in the cloud and employees can access these systems from any location using an internet-enabled device. This is significantly beneficial in flexible remote work arrangements.

Cloud Phone Systems allow customer service representatives to make and receive calls from anywhere. Also, these systems offer the scalability to handle large call volumes without any difficulty. Moreover, advanced call routing features of cloud phone systems ensure efficient customer interactions.

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