Voicemail Service for Business

In this world today, where everyone is super busy & have a lot of work pressure, missing a call from a potential customer might cost you more than you can anticipate. With the help of voicemail service for business, one can receive messages even if one misses out a call or was unable to answer. This not only gives them the message storage option but also allow users to access it remotely. You can listen to the voicemail messages anytime, anywhere you want.

Benefits of Business Voicemail Service in your Business


Voicemail service for business offers flexibility to the users to receive calls whenever they want. Along with the advanced features of the business PBX, it becomes easy for users to receive calls as per their convenience.

Never Miss A Call

Old phones systems restrict users to be available all the time next to the equipment. So, if you weren’t around, you would likely miss on few calls. But with Cloud PBX voicemail feature, even if you aren’t around, you will never miss a call. You have the option to take the message even if you are not present in the office.

Anytime Anywhere

One can take advantage of this feature from anywhere at any time. One can listen to the voicemail from their phones by dialling a number & using pre-set credentials. It can also be accessed on web via browsers & via KloudTalk app on users’ phone.

Voicemail to Email

Voicemail service for business with KloudTalk gives you an additional benefit of forwarding your voicemail to any email id. When a voicemail message is left in your voicemail box, & you have already configured a forwarding email account in settings, this feature will automatically deliver to your inbox an email with voicemail message as an attachment.

Easy to access web interface

One can easily access KloudTalk via web interface. With just a click, you can listen to your voicemail, view all & even delete them all. No restrictions & no hassles, access it from anywhere anytime.

Business Growth

Voicemail service for business helps to expand the horizons of your business and increase productivity. With all the benefits provided, it helps you grow your business & make more money.

Advanced Features of Business Voicemail System

  • Turn the voicemail on/off

  • Auto delete old voice mails

  • Dial the customer back

  • Delete the voicemail

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