Record your online meetings easily with a single click to play later. As your meeting is saved on the cloud, you can access it from anywhere.

Cyber-attacks are nowadays quite common, so we ensure your communication remains secured with dedicated meeting IDs.

Set up video conferencing with your team, vendors or clients on KloudCon. You can join up to 200 participants in a single call.

Whether, you are at home or sitting in a Café, you can collaborate live with your team from any location.

KloudCon offers you multiple options to hold your web conferencing such as desktop app, web based login and mobile app.

With one click screen sharing, you can work in a real time environment with your colleagues and share project status to clients.

A professional text to speech IVR that converts any written text into spoken words. No need to pay extra for getting professional voice recoded for your IVR.

Audio & Video conferencing facility with up to 200 participants. Mobile app supported.

Intelligent call routing patch customer calls directly with the right agent. It saves time for the customer and helps agents to manage calls efficiently.

Customers can leave voicemails during your non-working timings. Get voicemails as attachments on your email

Create multi-level IVRs and route calls to multiple teams. Create and implement flexible IVR menus for handling incoming calls.

Buy Phone Numbers of over 50+ Countries. Get virtual phone numbers instantly in virtually all the major countries

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