Call Routing Service and Management

Nowadays, with AI technology, call routing is not its usual old self. Its more commonly known as Intelligent Call Routing! It’s a term used for routing software that attempts to identify the caller & the reason for the call; and then directs the call to the appropriate agent.

These call routing systems work by different algorithms & consider various aspects of calling like caller priority, previous inquiries by the same caller, customer value, agent skills & other information tied to the call during previous interactions.

Intelligent Call Routing uses three types of data for efficient routing, namely, Caller Data, Caller Input & Customer Historical Data.

Key Benefits of Call Routing Service for Small Business

Appropriate Agent

Intelligent Call Routing connects the customer to the right agent that is capable to solve their problem. There won’t be any wastage of time in explaining the same problem over & over to different agents until the right one comes along or picks the phone.

Reduced Call Wait Time

It connects the customer to the appropriate agent quickly and aptly without wasting any time, which thereby reduces the call wait time for customers and increases customer satisfaction.

Reduced Call Duration

Once, a customer is connected to the right agent, who can solve their problem, & without having to steer over different agents, the duration of the call will be automatically reduced leading to reduced customer service agent costs.

Customer Satisfaction

When your customer’s call will be answered by the appropriate agent without long queue waiting & overall reduced duration, the customer level satisfaction will automatically increase further leading to happy customers.

Optimal Utilization

With intelligent call routing, you can make optimum utilization of resources to gain maximum profit. It enables maximum utilization of agent’s time more efficiently and effectively for better productivity.

Customer Retention

With lesser wait time, reduced call duration, efficient agents; it helps in retaining customers. Thereby, increasing customer loyalty over the period.

Get Advanced Call Routing Systems with Additional Options

Sequential Call Routing

When a call is received, the system runs that call sequentially, one by one, on each agent’s extension until one of the agents have answered the call.

Parallel Call Routing

The calls are terminated simultaneously on all the agents’ extension. Anyone can choose to answer the call.

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