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Q & A for KloudTalk

A cloud phone system is a communication platform hosted on the cloud, which works rough VoIP technology. Being a cloud based product, it eliminates the need of costly and bulky hardware associated with a traditional PBX telephone setup. A cloud phone system is cost-effective, efficient and easy to manage.
KloudTalk provides several advantages for enterprises, which are listed below:
  • Unified Communication
  • Increases Staff Productivity
  • Expert Management of Inbound calls
  • Pay per user and Zero maintenance cost
  • Ability to scale user up and down
  • Enable to use office extension anywhere (Office, Home, in car etc.)
  • Provides seamless Business Communication/ Smart Office Communication Solution
  • KloudTalk is machine independent so it supports different types of devices, you can receive calls on your Handset, Laptop, Mobile-GSM, Tablet etc.
  • Decreases communication cost
  • Prevents businesses from losing customers.
  • KloudTalk is ideal for companies, which have a large web based customer base. For example- e-commerce, online food delivery etc. It will be easy for them to communicate with the visitors and address their sales and support queries.

  • KloudTalk works great for enterprises with multiple offices across the country as it makes communication among employees cost-effective compared to conventional medium.

  • Customer service related companies, who gets large inbound calls on a daily basis such as Hotel, Airlines, Hospitals, Banks, Cell Phone operators, Consumer goods suppliers i.e. water purification systems, big vehicle maintenance and spare parts distributors etc.

  • SMEs or small companies with around 1-15 employees.
Yes, you can pick telephone numbers from different area codes across the Globe. It need not be the area code of your location.
No you need not pay any maintenance charges as entire system is on the cloud. We offer free 24x7 support to our customers.
After you take our Cloud Telephony products, you need not use you existing telephone lines. Only, you can keep your Fax line.
KloudTalk offers its products in 3 packages, which have certain fixed features such as Free DID Number*, Web Dashboard, Android & iOS Mobile Apps, Unlimited Click to Call Button, Advance IVR System etc. However, call charges to GSM numbers are as per actuals. You can check our rate sheet.
KloudTalk comes with a 14 days free trial period, which allows you to test our product features. Through the free trial, you can enjoy all our features absolutely free for 14 days after which you can decide to purchase any package.
You can set up your company extensions to connect with your remote teams under one central number. This feature also helps you to make company announcements. As an administrator, you can configure several types of screening, fax and routing options.
To add or remove a user extension, log in to the Admin Portal and Choose Users.
As admin activates the automatic call recording feature, it will record all incoming and outgoing calls of that extension. You can activate recording for individual or multiple users and also for the departments. These recorded files can be downloaded or played any time. In order to use automated recordings, you need to have Premium or Enterprise plan.
KloudTalk has advanced reporting system which allows you to create reports with historical call activities, such as total number of calls, inbound and outbound call volume, information about answered calls, missed calls, average calls per day per user, times. You also get the facility of real-time live reports.
You can create and configure the Click to Call buttons from the Settings section of your KloudTalk Dashboard. These buttons can be added to your website, email signature, and marketing communication materials. You can learn to create Click to Call Buttons using KloudTalk by following this simple tutorial.
You can sign up from the official website of KloudTalk to create your account. After filling the required details and verification, you will be able to access the KloudTalk Dashboard. You can follow this easy tutorial to create your KloudTalk Account.
You can create Multilevel IVR from the Settings section of your KloudTalk Dashboard. First, select a suitable business phone number for which you want to set the IVR and then create the IVR message along with other settings from the Dashboard. Follow the simple steps mentioned in this tutorial to create Multilevel IVR.
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