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Q & A for KloudCon

Sign up for a free KloudCon account at You can use KloudCon through desktop client or web browser or mobile app. KloudCon mobile app is available in both Android & iOS platforms
No, you do not need any account to use KloudCon if you are only participating in a meeting. If you are invited as a participant in any meeting, you can enter the meeting password and join the conference.
However, if you are creating your own meeting and sending meeting invitation to others, you need to have a KloudCon account.
You can sign up for a free KloudCon account at
A basic KloudCon license is free. To view the premium plans click here.
No, you need webcam only to transmit your video in any meeting. Even if your PC don’t have a webcam, you can speak, listen to others and view videos of other participants in a web conference session.
You can invite others to join your meeting by adding their email id to send an automatic invitation. Also, you can copy the meeting details and send via Outlook email or any messenger such as WhatsApp, Skype etc.
Yes, you can add your logo and create your company branding.
  • 1.You will get a dedicated Vanity url with your brand name. Example:
  • 2.You can add logo in the background while your call is running on web interface

These features are available if you buy 20 or more host licenses
Yes, you can do cloud based recording with a single click. You will get 1 GB cloud storage for storing your meetings. In case you want more storage then you have the option to buy the same.
You can cancel your account at any time. Simply call us or send us an email at requesting that your account be closed.
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