Click to Call Solution for Business

A Click-to-Call feature allows a customer to get in touch with the company representative in real-time by initiating voice calls, video calls, and even group video conference calls by just clicking a Call Now Button on the company’s website/app. Click-to-Call can be integrated on websites, emails, in chats. And, one can make a call to desk phones, smartphones & even to web browsers.

Without invading into their privacy, Click to Dial allows potential customers to interact with businesses in the most secure, convenient, reliable & user-friendly way possible. Alternatively, it also allows customers to receive a call from the company by simply dropping their number on the company website/app.

To use this feature, customers do not have to download any software as the solution runs on Web Browser like Chrome, Opera etc.

Benefits of Click to Dial Services

Any Time Any Where Customer Experience

Don’t miss any leads by allowing your customers to reach out to your business anywhere at any time of the day, or simply dropping in a call back in case of non-working hours. This also ensures that every customer concern is addressed thereby, providing a convenient & hassle-free experience for your customers.

Customer Service

A prompt customer service helps convert potential customers while they are still interested in your product/service. A Click-to-Call feature helps you in gaining your customers’ attention during their time on the website/ app. A swift customer service helps in building a long-term customer relationship.

Customer Retention & Conversion

Customer retention is a key factor for business growth. Because of better lead quality & caller information, Click-to-Call helps in providing informed service by pre-emptively briefed agents. Thus, helping in better conversion as well.

Lead Quality & Customer Segmentation

Get the opportunity to address the ‘quality’ leads generated, since only truly interested customers will make the effort to click on the button. Web calling allows you to intelligently segment your customers as per their needs, queries & data. The more data you have, the more selective you can be.

Go Beyond Voice

Go beyond audio calling, easily add video calling, co-browsing, text-chat and document sharing. These extra tools can transform your customer’s journey & invariably help your business grow.

Customer Data Analysis

You can track and analyse the data extracted from the calls, thereby getting deeper insights about your customers. So, what you automatically get is a customer-base that’s accurate and future-proof.

How Click to Call Works

Customer click on “Click to call” Button/Widget/Link on website, app or email signature.

Your agent receives the call on the dashboard, if online or, on mobile/landline, if offline.

Your Agent picks the call and gets connected to the customer, and the conversation ensues.

Option for Click to Call Solution

Click-to-Call Button

Click-to-Call Widget

Click-to-Call Link

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