How Click to Dial Can Improve Your Customer Support?

Customer service is one of the major growth drivers for any business. According to Microsoft, 95% of consumers cite customer service as important in their choice of and loyalty to a brand. Further, it has been found that 61% of consumers have switched brands due to poor customer service with nearly half having done so in the past 12 months. With all these figures, it becomes clear that businesses have to work according to the needs and preferences of the customers.

Every other day, we hear about new methodologies used by companies to improve their customer service. In this post, we are going to discuss how Click to Dial can improve a business’s support service. Let’s get started.

Alternatively called Click to Talk or Click to Call, it is a popular way that lets customers or prospects connect with brands or businesses over the phone call while they’re browsing the business’s website. The phone number of the business is masked with the click to dial button and the call is triggered via the internet-based phone platform.

How does Click to Dial Connect Customers with Agents?

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We cannot deny the fact that phone calls are still one of the most preferred forms of business communication. In other words, customers are still inclined toward having a conversation with a real agent. Click-to-call makes this communication possible without the customers having to remember or dial the phone number of a business. It’s a unique cloud telephony feature that allows businesses to place their click to dial buttons on their website, from where customers can connect with them in just one click.

Benefits of Click to Dial

The click-to-dial feature relates significantly to the customer experience. Let us find out how it contributes towards business growth.

1- Increased Sales


Nearly 20-45 percent of potential consumers prefer to make purchases over the phone. Moreover, 20-35 percent of potential customers call to reserve an item for purchase at a later stage. Having click to dial buttons on a business’s website significantly increases the chances of customers connecting with the business for purchasing assistance.

2- Elevates Online Marketing Effectiveness

With click to dial technology, a business can boost its online marketing efforts as it helps in capturing important information like:

  • Web pages that fetch maximum inquiries and generate maximum sales
  • Fetches customer data for analysis and targeting
  • Identify which sales and marketing approaches work best towards maximum conversion

3- Enhances Customer Retention

65% of consumers are more likely to stay with a company that offers excellent customer service. When customers stick to a brand or business, it is bound to gain success. Click to dial not only boosts sales but also increases repeat customers. Past buyers are more likely to purchase again and again if they can connect with the business easily.

Click to dial boosts customer retention by doing the following:

  • Makes the business easily accessible for the customer
  • Presents a quick and convenient medium to customers for connecting with a business 

4- Save Money and Increased Return

Click to call technology also offers monetary benefits to businesses. Firstly, web calls are a way pocket-friendly than phone calls. There’s no need to pay for the traditional phone lines or any toll charges. Especially for international customers, web click to dial technology presents an easier and cost-effective way to contact a business. Secondly, Click to call offers a significantly high Return on Investment since it is an effective tool in boosting contact and conversions.

5- Access to Valuable User Data

It is easy to place a click to dial button on a business website but just with a few more steps, one can gain access to valuable customer data as well.  By tracking data coming along with calls coming from click to call buttons using call analytics software, a business can do the following:

  • Understand customers in a better way – the average age of customers, demographics, gender, etc.
  • Track conversion trends to convert potential customers into buyers.
  • Make the most of your marketing budget by investing in the most result-carrying ad campaigns.

All the above-mentioned points together add towards improving the customer support service offered by a business.

Who Should Use Click to Dial?

By now we have understood the significance of click to dial technology in the business landscape. Now, we shall learn which professionals should consider gaining benefit from this technology. Take a look:

  • Call Center Managers
  • Sales Representatives
  • Customer Experience Associates

Best Practices on Using Click-to-Dial Buttons

  • Ensure an appropriate size of the button
  • Choose a contrasting color for the button according to the rest of the web page
  • Place the button in a suitable place on the page, e.g. it should be visible without any page scroll
  • Use an easy-to-read and catchy copy for the button

How to find the Best Click to Dial Service?

Advanced Cloud Phone System for business offer Click to Dial functionality as a part of their feature set. So you can simply do some research on the internet and choose a platform that meets your requirements.

KloudTalk is an advanced phone system for businesses of all sizes. It’s a feature-rich and user-friendly platform that simplifies business communication. Get in touch with us to know more. You can also read our blog post on How Click To Call Solution Will Benefit Your Business 

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