5 Ways Click To Call Solution Will Benefit Your Business

Click to call is a type of digital communication system that allows web users to call any brand representative by clicking on a button on a website or email signature. Click to call is also known by different names such as ‘Click to Talk’, Click to Dial’, etc.

Website owners add click to call buttons on their contact and support pages so that customers and visitors can reach their team directly by clicking on those buttons. Apart from the website, click-to-call buttons are also used on the email signature of sales and marketing professionals, so that prospects clicks can call them with a single click.

Here are 5 Ways Click to Call Service is Beneficial for the Businesses

1- Reduces Customer Effort

Click to call is a very effective way to reduce customer effort as they can reach brand representatives with the single click of a button. Compared to the manual calling process where users need to dial phone numbers, a click-to-talk solution helps in quick interaction. Here, users do not need to go through long calls waiting for queues.

2- Opens Door for More Sales and Enquiry

A Click to call solution is a quick and comfortable solution for prospective customers that helps in generating more business. Website visitors are encouraged to talk directly in case of any doubt regarding the product and services listed. According to data, 88% of website visitors are more likely to contact your brand if you add a click-to-call button.

3- Increases Customer Loyalty

With a Click talk solution, you can expect more customers to turn into loyal payers. As your customers get better customer service, there is a high chance that they will re-approach the brand in the near future. A bad experience often discourages buyers to return to the brand, so providing exceptional customer service is the key to future business opportunities.

4- Enhances Customer Support by Going beyond Voice

A phone is just limited to a one-to-one voice interaction, which has very low conversion chances but this is not the case with a Click-to-call solution. With this communication medium, users can go for more advanced communication processes such as video calling, co-browsing, text-chat, and document sharing. This seamless transition facilitates customer service agents to serve customers in a much better way increasing first-time resolution rates, conversions, and customer satisfaction.

5- Increases Business Efficiency with Better Reporting

Data is the key to the success of all modern businesses and the same goes true with a click-to-talk solution. Being a cloud-based solution, you can get all data of your communication on the dashboard such as resolution time, location of the caller, details of queries, etc. This data is very helpful for marketers to understand the need and expectations of customers.

You can also check with your click-to-call solution provider if a call recording facility is available with the solution. Many businesses analyze the calls and take business decisions based on customer requirements. If you are looking for a Click-to-call solution provider, you can approach KloudTalk. The click-to-call solution comes as a standard feature of KloudTalk- the cloud-based business phone system.

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