Multi-level IVR Solution for your Business

An IVR(Interactive Voice Response System) is a telephony menu system that allows routing of callers to appropriate agents within the team. Multi-Level IVR offers an important feature for those who have multiple departments in their business. It provides callers with the opportunity to self-serve themselves & connect with correct agents or departments, all on their own.

There are multiple ways to integrate Multi-Level IVR into your business. It allows for customized welcome greetings, menu options, & multiple levels within. A hosted IVR system with multiple levels offers more personalized and delightful experience for the customers when they call on the business number. It not only adds to brand recognition but also, helps in call distribution.

Benefits of Cloud IVR System

24*7 Customer Service

Stay available around the clock for your customers. Multi-Level IVR system can operate without any interruptions to provide information to callers so that, you never miss any business opportunity. It segregates callers & routes their calls to the most appropriate department, thereby optimizing the performance of each call.

Brand Recall

A customized IVR of your brand will help in brand recognition among your callers. Greeting your callers with a professional voice pitches your brand as professional & genuine, & help clients recognize your brand.

Personalized Experience

Make it easy for callers to communicate by helping them choose from multiple languages. The prompts on Multi-Level IVR system will give callers a personalized experience, therefore pitching your brand as someone who delivers superior customer experience.

Right Connect & distribution

Direct customer calls to right departments & agents. An IVR system allows you to prioritize calls based on callers’ value. It routes the call to the specialist who is most qualified to address the issues of the caller. Therefore, you never lose customers due to call waiting.

Save Time & Money

IVR can answer frequently asked questions & can provide commonly requested information-- such as directions, hours of operation, outstanding bill etc. that doesn't require any critical thinking. It collects information from callers and solves their problems with prompt answers

Customer Satisfaction

Multi-Level IVR system can handle large volume of calls at the same time, thereby eliminating wait time by responding to a caller immediately. With optimized & personalized calls, you will have a higher customer satisfaction rate.

How IVR Phone System Works

Integrate Multi-Level IVR In Easy Steps

Integrate Multi-Level IVR In Easy Steps

  • Login to you KloudTalk Account

  • Click on ‘IVR’ under ‘Settings’

  • Click on ‘Add new IVR’ button

  • Select the IVR name, Language & Greeting & Save

  • You have successfully integrated IVR in your Kloud PBX.

  • You can further add menu, routing options etc with multiple level IVR as well.

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