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contact center

Optimizing Contact Center Performance: Minimizing After-Call Work

After call Work in contact centers is the time that supports agents spend to complete the tasks related to customer calls after the call has ended. Typically, ACW includes tasks such as updating the customer database, initiating follow-up calls, etc. According to the International Finance Corporation, it takes an agent about 6 minutes to wrap […]

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Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS)

The Ultimate Guide to Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS)

Today, customer service is one of the most imperative considerations for any business. No matter which business you deal in, you will not be able to engage your audience if you don’t offer valuable experiences to your customers. This is where the role of the contact center comes into the picture. A contact center is […]

call queuing

What is Call Queuing and How Does it Work?

Customer service experience is considered one of the most important factors during a buyer’s purchasing journey. According to Gartner, “If customers have effortless customer service interactions, they are 94% more likely to repurchase the product or service and there’s an 88% probability of an increase in spending.” Call Queuing is one popular technique among the […]

Virtual call center

How to Start a Virtual Call Center?

The growing trend of remote working has led many businesses around the world to take the leverage that comes with starting a virtual call center business. It’s a great way to offer customer support services without investing much in overhead expenses. According to Grand View Research, “The global call center software market is expected to […]

Inbound vs Outbound Call Center

Inbound vs Outbound Call Center Solution : Key Difference

In the era of chatbots and emails, it is easy to think that customers rarely prefer calling a business. However, the opposite is true. Phone calls are still the most preferred tool used by customers trying to approach or connect with a business. A study by CFI Group has shown that more than 76% of […]

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