Importance of Website Callback Service in Business

Businesses around the world belong to different industry verticals but the ultimate goal of every business is to grow and increase revenue. To achieve this goal, there are endless tools available in the market but very few of them are actually effective. One such tool is Website Callback Service which is getting quite popular these days. In this post, we are going to explain all about Website callback service and how it can be an extremely useful tool for a business. Let’s get started.

What is a Website Callback Service?

Online shopping is the most popular shopping trend these days. Businesses have their products and services displayed virtually on their websites so that consumers can browse, check and buy those products and services. However, many businesses are not able to leverage the full potential of their websites to attract customers and generate sales. Website callback service is one such way that businesses can use to capture return call requests from website visitors. 

How Website Callback Service Works

Generally, website callback service comes as a feature with modern cloud business phone systems. Many businesses today are switching to cloud phone systems because of their tremendous benefits. If you are a small to medium-sized business, then you too can subscribe to a cloud phone service that offers website callback service. 

You configure and implement the website callback service on your website using your cloud phone system’s dashboard. Once the setup is done, the website callback service will allow website visitors to leave their contact details and request a callback from the business. These details can be as simple as the name, contact number, and a brief about the query of the customer. 

Once the business receives a request for the callback, an available agent then initiates a call on the provided phone number and assists the customer. 

Benefits of Website Callback Service

Before we move towards the benefits, have a look at some statistics that strongly support the effectiveness of using website callback tools for business growth.

  • According to a survey, “63% of consumers prefer a callback option instead of waiting on hold.” Further, “28% of consumers would prefer a callback rather than even spend a minute on hold.”
  • According to the Contract Babel repost, 30% of customers showed that the callback options decrease abandoned calls.
  • According to MindFul, “60% of customers wouldn’t wait for more than one minute on hold”. Also, “90% of customers would hang up the phone after waiting for five minutes on hold.”

Reduce Contact Center Wait time

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Providing customers with a return call request is certainly a better option than making them wait on hold to talk to a live agent. Long waiting times are directly associated with high call abandonment rates because the more the caller has to wait, the more often people give up calling the business at some later time. So when you call customers at a time convenient to them, the call abandonment rate automatically gets reduced.

Better Customer Data Analysis

Website callback service provides businesses with access to more accurate customer data as the callback request is initiated by the customer himself so the probability of them providing accurate details is quite high. As we touched on earlier, this information can be in the form of their name, phone number and the reason for their call, and more relevant details. Gathering such information can be a lot insightful for businesses in figuring out customer behavior, needs, and expectations. 

Enhances Customer Experience

By eliminating the frustration of hold time, the callback service automatically leads to customers who are more likely to be friendlier and less argumentative. When you offer services at customers’ convenience, they surely feel valued. As per stats, 46% of consumers have moved to a competitor as a direct result of poor customer service. And over 78% of customers said that lesser hold time when calling would make them very likely to do business with a company again. That very well explains it all. You can also read our post on How Click to Dial Can Improve Your Customer Support?

Improves Resolution Rates

Research shows that “93% of customers expect their call to be resolved on the first call.” First Call Resolution or FCR is a very important metric in evaluating the performance of a contact center. It offers various advantages like higher customer satisfaction and fewer inbound calls. Also, it accelerates effective utilization of agent time which has a direct impact on their productivity.

Decrease in Cost

For all the inbound calls that a business receives, it is not the customer who pays for the per-minute charge but the business itself. Now with the help of website callback service, businesses get the chance to skip the charge they pay when customers are left on hold in queues. As the customers or prospects have the facility to request a callback straightaway, why would they waste their time waiting in phone queues? Ultimately, it saves businesses a lot of money associated with toll charges. 

Quality Leads

We know that only truly interested customers will take out the time to fill the callback service form and send their request. So following up with customers and prospects that reached you would mean that interacting with only those who are highly likely to convert and generate sales.

How to Implement Website Callback Service?

As mentioned earlier, website callback service comes as a feature of cloud or VoIP business phone systems. So to get started, you simply need to get a business phone system if you did not have one till now. Here are the steps you can follow:

Choosing the Right Provider

No matter which type of solution you are looking for in your business, it is always important to choose a provider with reliable and suitable services. Don’t go for freebies. Look for a business phone system that offers website callback service along with various other useful features for improving your business communication processes. The pricing for cloud business phone systems is quite reasonable these days so you don’t have to worry about exceeding your budgets. 

Integrating Website Callback Service with Your Website 

Now once you have selected and subscribed to a business phone system that provides website callback service as a feature, it is time to set things up. Since these systems can be configured and accessed over any internet-enabled device, you can expect to get started just within a few minutes. Yes, you can use your laptop for setting up the phone system via a web dashboard. 

Now to set up the callback function with your website, you can simply follow the instructions provided by your phone system provider (these are usually some simple steps). Once done, you will be able to customize your website callback form wherein customers can fill in their contact details. 

Once configured, you must test and refine your callback service to ensure that you are able to collect customer information. 

Training Your Staff for Website Callback Service

Then comes the most important step i.e. training your agents and employees for using the website callback service. These are the people who will be actually using the callback feature to analyze customer information and make follow-up calls. So, you must conduct a few training sessions to ensure that your agents are well-versed with the callback feature and can use it proficiently. 

Get the Best Website Callback Service for your Business with KloudTalk

Website callback service is a part of modern-day business phone system service. You can simply subscribe to a cloud-based business phone service like KloudTalk to enjoy various advanced features including website callback. Some of the other highlighting features are:

  • Intelligent Call Routing for patching callers with the right agents
  • Click to Call Buttons for website and email signature
  • DID numbers or Business Phone Numbers
  • Multilevel Interactive Voice Response
  • Call Recording and Call Reporting
  • Voicemail as attachments on email
  • Text to Speech to set voice for IVR

To know more, please get in touch with us.

No, a website callback service is suitable for both B2C and B2B businesses. It offers personalized customer support which makes it valuable for different types of companies.

The website Callback feature helps in improving customer service and enhances overall customer satisfaction rates. Also, it helps reduce abandoned carts and boost conversion rates which can help an e-commerce business significantly.

Yes, a website callback service is suitable for many types of businesses including e-commerce stores, tech support and services, travel and hospitality, financial services, B2B services, etc.

Implementing a website callback service can lead to savings in customer support operations as it reduces call waiting times, and improves customer experience which results in an increase in sales and conversions.

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