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IVR system

How Can IVR System Solve Business Challenges?

IVRs need no introduction. We have covered a lot about the functioning of Interactive Voice Response in business phone systems in our previous blogs. Today, we are going to highlight some of the major challenges faced by businesses around the globe and how IVR system provide solution to those challenges. Phone calls are like life-lines […]

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Everything You Need to Know About Hosted IVR System

Everything You Need to Know About Hosted IVR System

We know that “a happy customer is the greatest advertisement”. Today, businesses keep a customer-centric approach. It is a major factor that determine their success amidst the changing business landscape and cut-throat competition. The emerging IVR i.e. interactive voice response technology proves as a boon. How? An IVR, which is also known as Auto Attendant, is basically […]


Auto Attendant: Why Your Business Phone System Needs It?

Called a business and addressed by an automated answering service? Sound familiar? Undoubtedly, you must have encountered an auto attendant a number of times. So what exactly is an auto-attendant? Why do businesses use it? What benefits does it offer to businesses? Let’s discuss. What is an Auto-attendant? Also known as IVR i.e. Interactive Voice […]

Interactive Voice Response System

Why (IVR) Interactive Voice Response System is Important for a Business?

There was a time when (IVR) Interactive Voice Response System was just about menus presenting lists of options in a robotic voice-over to callers. Those IVRs were based on a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach and not designed around the customers’ needs. The menus were complex and lengthy which made it hard for callers to get answers to […]

IVR Service Provider

How to Choose the Best IVR Service Provider – The Complete Guide

The interactive Voice Response System (IVR) has become an important tool for many businesses. If you look back a decade from now, IVR Systems were not that popular. However, with businesses adopting the digital platform, the adaptability of IVR Systems has increased. Companies flash their business phone numbers on websites, emailers, social media profiles, and […]

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