Auto Attendant: Why Your Business Phone System Needs It?

Called a business and addressed by an automated answering service? Sound familiar? Undoubtedly, you must have encountered an auto attendant a number of times. So what exactly is an auto-attendant? Why do businesses use it? What benefits does it offer to businesses? Let’s discuss.

What is an Auto-attendant?

Also known as IVR i.e. Interactive Voice Response, an auto-attendant is an automated answering service that primarily does the job of directing customer calls to the right agent or department of a business. Auto-attendants are one of the telephony features used by businesses of all shapes and sizes. Today, most of the business phone systems have an IVR feature integrated within them.

KloudTalk’s auto-attendant is built with a multi-level hosted IVR system which means it can create sub-menus to present callers with intuitive menu options so that they can connect with sales, support, operations, and other departments. KloudTalk’s IVR has an intelligent call routing feature that patches customer calls with the right departments and thus adds to the efficiency of the whole process.

Why do Businesses Use Auto-attendants?

Seamless communication remains one of the topmost priorities for all businesses. Statistics reveal that 91% of consumers leave a business without any warning as a reaction to bad customer service. The constant need to have effective and advanced communication tools is therefore imperative. Auto-attendant is one such tool that can help businesses in streamlining their communication flow. Some highlighting benefits of using an auto-attendant for businesses are as below:

Customized Greetings

With an auto-attendant, you can create custom voice greetings for callers that will play on every call. You can create these greetings in coherence with your brand, its ethics and its customers. Such greetings can be a pleasant first impression for the callers rather than an irritating repetitive sound or complete silence. We shall discuss more about auto-attendant scripts later in this post.

Satisfied Customers

No one wants to wait. Just give a thought to the fact that when there are hundreds of businesses out there just like you, why would a potential customer wait to talk with you? With an auto-attendant’s faster call handling, the call queues get eliminated. As per a KPMG study, it has been found that 90% of consumers worldwide consider issue resolution as their most important customer service concern. The intelligent call routing function of the auto-attendant patches customer calls to concerned agents without any delay. Ultimately, it reduces waiting time for callers to speak with the right agent.

Reduced Workload

Basic business query calls consume a lot of time of your agents. An auto-attendant can answer basic business questions such as business hours, office address, etc., without any difficulty. It’s a great time saving tool for agents as they can devote their saved time and effort on other critical tasks.

Professional Impression

Imagine having a human receptionist handling multiple calls at the same time. It can create confusion and irritation among the callers. The image of your business can get spoiled easily. However, an auto-attendant’s professional voice recording poses an impression of a bigger organization for your business.

Cost Effective

An Auto-attendant can not only help in savings but also boost sales and thus generate revenue. How? Well, first of all, investing in a business phone system with an auto-attendant feature is one investment with many benefits. You get so many advanced communication features along with the phone system significantly simplifying your business operations. Secondly, with the help of an auto-attendant, you can direct callers to your business phone number, especially those trying to reach the sales department, instead of sending them to voicemail.

How to Set Up an Auto-attendant?

IVR call flow

KloudTalk’s Auto-attendant or multi-level IVR for business is quite easy to set up. Unlike those traditional Landline phone systems, there’s no need to pay extra for the auto-attendant feature with KloudTalk. It’s built within and you can use it completely free of cost.

To set up your call flows and voice menu, please follow these steps:

  • Sign-in to your KloudTalk account.
  • Under the settings, click on IVR
  • Now Click on Add New IVR button
  • After that, Select the IVR name, Language & Greeting & tap Save
  • Now you have successfully integrated IVR in your Kloud PBX.
  • Further, you can add menu, routing options, etc. with multiple level IVR as well.

Auto-attendant Scripts – What to Record?

Now that you have configured call routing as per your business requirements, it is time to record greetings for your callers. The very first question that comes to mind is what would be the first thing you want your customers to hear? Certainly, you don’t want to frustrate and flood your callers with complex menu options. So the key to creating a good script for your auto attendant is to keep it simple, pleasant and easy to understand. It should give the reflection of who you are as a brand. Keep in mind your business values and the nature of your customers. You can create different scripts based on different customer queries such as basic information queries, product related queries, holiday sale announcement, holiday greetings, etc.

How to Record Auto-attendant?

Usually, companies hire a professional to record audio for their auto-attendant menu. Not only this leads to an additional investment but also limits them from altering their IVR Scripts time to time. However, KloudTalk resolves this issue by offering Text-to-Speech facility. When your IVR scripts are ready, you can simply use the Text-to-Speech facility wherein you need to enter the desired text which will automatically converted to audio form. Moreover, you can choose from different options to choose the audio that best suits your business image. So, whenever you have the need to make some changes to your IVR, you can do that instantly using text-to-speech facility in KloudTalk.

Get Started with KloudTalk

KloudTalk is one of the best IVR service provider and a cloud based business phone system that offers an array of useful communication features for businesses. Besides, Auto-attendant, KloudTalk provides business phone numbers, click-to-call buttons, call recording, call reporting, voicemail and working time. It’s a must-have communication platform for businesses of all sizes.

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