Automated IVR System: Reliable Call Center Software Solution

Automation has already taken the world by storm owing to its various benefits like higher productivity and availability, increased performance and reduced operating costs. Automated IVR System i.e. Interactive Voice Response System is one such tool that streamlines workflows and is extremely useful for call center agents and supervisors.

How is Automation Important for Call Centers?

We all know that call centers are the frontline when it comes to interaction with current and potential customers. This means that the call center should run as smoothly as possible. Cluttered and uneven workflow can simply lead to unhappy callers and even frustrated agents. So whether you run a small call center with limited agents or a global call center with a large workforce, having a contact center solution that comes with easy-to-use automation features becomes imperative.

What is an Automated IVR System?

IVR or Interactive Voice Response is a technology to automate inbound calls of a call center. It allows call centers to interact with callers through pre-recorded voice messages. Callers can listen to those messages and select an appropriate option using their phone’s keypad. Some of the main function performed by an Automated IVR are as mentioned below:

Greeting the Callers

In the traditional call center landscape, callers are greeted by a human receptionist but with an automated IVR system, callers are greeted by preset voice messages. This function of IVR eliminates the need to hire human resources for attending customer calls which saves money.

Gathering Customer Inputs

Multi-level IVR solution offer predefined menus with multiple options and gather the input provided by the callers. IVRs can also answer basic or routine queries of the callers related to the business through the pre-recorded set of questions and answers.

Connect Callers with Agents

This is one of the most important functions performed by IVR. For the callers who choose to talk to a live agent in order to get answers to their concern, the IVR performs the role of patching their calls with the right agents. The call routing flow is also pre-defined so that callers get to interact with appropriate agents and receive meaningful resolution.

Why Do Call Centers Need Automated IVR Systems?

There are a number of benefits that IVRs offer to call centers offering services for different industry verticals. Consider the case of a banking IVR that can help customers to know their account balance thus freeing the customer support agents’ time which they can use to perform other critical tasks.

Take a look at some of the highlighting benefits of automated IVR systems for call centers:

Brings More Efficiency

As per numbers “44% of people report being annoyed or irritated when kept on hold for 5 to 15 minutes.” IVR systems help call center agents to cater to customers’ needs in time and to minimize the time they spend on resolving challenges faced by the customers. All this together helps them save a lot of time and energy which certainly adds to their efficiency and call center productivity.

Improves Service Quality

Do you know that “88% of customers feel that the experience a company provides is as important as its product or services.” IVR systems help businesses in projecting a professional image no matter the size of the business. Startups and call center businesses with limited resources can implement the professional voice assistant in the IVR system to sound as a well-established business to its callers.

Cost-effective Solution

Until a few years ago, IVRs were quite expensive and only meant for large organizations. But with the introduction of cloud based IVR systems, the scenario has completely changed. Cloud based IVR solutions are extremely pocket friendly and do not need any hardware installation. A call center business can simply avail the hosted IVR system from a reliable service provider to get started.

Better Customer Experience

IVRs are not dependent on humans for their working. Once implemented, IVRs can offer 24×7 services to callers. This means no matter the time at which a call is received, the IVR system will always be up and running to attend the calls. This certainly contributes towards boosting the customer experience and satisfaction. Statistics tell that “94% of customers say that positive service experiences make them more likely to purchase again.”

How to Find the Best Automated IVR System for your Call Center?

KloudTalk is a popular and reliable choice when it comes to call center phone solutions with automated IVR systems. Customized welcome greetings, menu options and multiple levels within along with text-to-speech service for professional voiceover are some of the highlighting features offered by the IVR system of KloudTalk. It’s an effective and useful way for customers to self-service themselves and to connect with the right agents all on their own.

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