How is Text to Speech Service Useful in Phone Systems?

Almost every day we hear about a new technology introduced in the market and how some businesses hit the jackpot using one of those technologies. Text-to-Speech Service is one such technology which is creating a buzz these days due to the immense benefits it offers to businesses. In the year 2020, the text-to-speech market was valued at USD 2.0 billion. By 2026, this value is estimated to reach USD 5.0 billion growing at a CAGR of 14.6% during the forecast period. Digital voice interactions and the use of voice assistants are extremely popular amongst businesses and text-to-speech service plays a crucial role in these processes. Statistics reveal that customers expect to use voice interfaces in 70% of service interactions by 2023. Let’s understand in detail.

What is Text-to-Speech Service (TTS) ?

It is a type of assistive technology which creates audio for the inserted text. In simple words, the input is entered in the form of text and the output is generated in the form of audio for the same text. All this happens instantly which makes this technology more beneficial. While TTS has already established a valuable place in various sectors such as education, it has also been increasingly adopted as a call center technology.

Role of TTS in Customer Call Center

Modern customer call centers are quite different from the traditional setups. Cloud has already took the world by storm and call centers are no exception. Cloud based call center software are equipped with IVRs i.e. Interactive Voice Response Systems wherein TTS technology plays a crucial role.

The primary purpose of IVR systems is to provide customer service by replacing or supplementing a human agent. For this to achieve, IVR systems are pre-set with customized greetings, menus with multiple options and answers to questions. TTS service makes all this happen as it is the Voice Actor here. There is no need to prepare scripts nor the need to pay money to a real voice actor as using TTS one can just enter the desired text and get relevant audio instantly. So it saves a lot of time, money and effort.

What are the Benefits of TTS for Call Center Phone System?

Text to speech

Multiple Languages

Language should not be a barrier between you and your customers. So when setting up your business IVR, you will need to ensure availability of different languages so that customers from different regions can easily understand and interact with the IVR. TTS service makes it possible as it is equipped with a wide range of languages programmed within.

Easy Customization/ Changes

Suppose the holiday season is about to begin and you want to change the greetings and some menu options in your IVR. Now, how long would it take if you have to work with a real voice actor? Probably 1-2 weeks, right? And let’s not forget the expenses. However, if you use a TTS service then any type of changes or customization can be done without any delay. You can also read our post on Why Businesses should not go for Free Text to Speech Service?

Choose the Right Voice

Every brand has a unique voice and showcasing this voice in front of your audience is important to establish your place in the market. Now the voice you choose for your IVR adds value to your overall brand voice. TTS systems usually offer a variety of voice options to choose from. You can try and test various tones and choose the one that fits best with your idea of how you want your brand to be projected in front of the audience.

Open Doors for Diverse Audience

Your potential customers might include people with disabilities and aged adults who struggle to use complicated user interfaces. Providing them with a voice interface would simply mean opening your doors for a broader and more diverse audience.

Callers can Find Answers Straightforwardly

Many customers do not want to go into discussions as they simply don’t have time. Listening to an IVR and choosing the right options offers a better way for such callers so that they get the answers to their questions without getting into details or waiting in queues.

How to get the Best Text-to-Speech Service for your Business?

Cloud Business Phone systems are a popular choice amongst businesses of all sizes these days. These phone systems offer a variety of advanced communication features including Text-to-Speech service. KloudTalk is one such platform wherein you get access to a professional text to speech IVR to convert any written text to spoken words.

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