How to Measure & Increase Call Center Productivity?

Productivity and profitability go hand in hand which is why measurement of productivity has always been a critical element for call center owners around the world. There are several parameters that contribute towards the productivity of a call center on a whole which we are going to discuss in this blog. But before we do that, let us first take a quick understanding of call center productivity.

What is Call Center Productivity?

Productivity is a ratio of output over input. In other words, to produce an output, a certain amount of input is required. Now when we are considering the scenario of a call center, the input is the work done by the call center agents and the output is the number of calls taken/ resolutions provided in the given time frame.

Let’s understand it with the help of an example.

  • Call center A has 10 agents who can resolve 100 tickets per day.
  • Call center B also has 10 agents but they collectively can resolve 150 tickets per day.

Now, based on the number of tickets resolved in a day, certainly, call center B appears to be more productive. But there’s a possibility that one agent has resolved 3 tickets in one hour while another agent only resolved one ticket in the same time which had more impact on the revenue.

Here, it becomes evident that productivity cannot be measured solely through one metric.

How to Measure Call Center Productivity?

There are several metrics that one must consider when identifying the measure of call center productivity. Take a look:

FCR – First Call Resolution

This metric determines the number of customers who had their issues resolved in the first call to the call center. A high FCR simply indicates that agents are able to provide solutions to the customers right away. This eliminates a lot of work such as follow up calls as well as time consumed in multiple interactions.

AHT – Average Handling Time

It is defined as the time spent by an agent while interacting with the customers. A lesser AHT simply indicates that the agents are quick and efficient in handling calls and resolving customer queries.

Missed Call Rate

This metric defines the number of calls that go unanswered or missed due to various reasons such as the customer hanging up the call while waiting in the queue. A lower missed call rate is preferable otherwise a business might need to optimize its processes, upgrade tools, etc.

CSAT – Customer Satisfaction Score

This metric is often calculated by using the ratings or feedback given by customers after a call with an agent. Customers are asked to rate their experience based on their level of satisfaction and how their query was resolved. A higher CSAT score simply means that the agents are able to do their job properly.

How to Improve Call Center Productivity?

Now that all the metrics that contribute towards a call center’s productivity are well explained, it is time to move forward to the next part i.e. how can a call center business improve its productivity?

Offer Self-service Options

Not all customers want to speak to an agent to get answers or their queries resolved. Self-service options are a new normal and this means that callers can get answers to their queries without talking to a human agent. An IVR or Interactive Voice response is a popular tool used to provide self service options to callers. Using an IVR, a call center can do the following:

  • Create customized greetings for callers
  • Create menu with multiple options for callers to choose from
  • Provide instant access to answers according to the options chosen by the callers

An IVR not only helps in offering self-service options to callers but also saves time for the agents which they can focus on other useful activities.

Implement Monitoring Tools

Monitoring the work performed by agents plays a crucial role in their productivity. Call Recording is one such effective tool using which calls can be recorded and heard later. These recordings can be used to evaluate the performance of the agents and also to figure out areas of improvement. In training sessions, these recordings can be used as examples to show various ways to handle customer calls.

Use the Best Call Center Software to Maximize Productivity

Average tools can only offer average results. If you want to see your business grow and thrive exponentially, then you must put in use the best-in-class call center software. Being equipped with advanced tools, your agents will feel empowered and would certainly be able to work their best.

Kloudtalk is a Cloud Call Center Solution that easily fits into any call center setup and there is no huge investment to be made. Since it’s a cloud based platform and offers all the key features of cloud based contact center, reliability and security of data are assured. The set of advanced call center tools offered by KloudTalk can help in significantly increasing the productivity of agents. Even small call center businesses can easily afford this solution.

Always remember that you will get ample options in the market but making the right choice will help you boost your agents’ productivity, the quality of your customer service, and thus improve your revenue.

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