5 Ways how Cloud Communication Solution can Boost Your Business?

Cloud has already become a mainstay in the business landscape and we can see its growing impact in business communication as well. According to Nemertes Research, “42% of companies say they have increased cloud adoption as of 2021.” More specifically, it has been found that 91% of companies use public cloud solutions and 72% use private cloud solutions. The figures are quite impressive and makes one curious about what makes companies around the world switch to cloud communication solutions? Well, we’ll find the answer here.

What is a Cloud Communication Solution for Business?

A cloud communication solution is basically a software based solution that a company can use to streamline its business communication, more specifically, business calls. It is a business phone system that offers various advanced communication features and can be accessed on any internet enabled device.

Cloud Communication Solution or cloud phone system for business have taken over the traditional telephone systems because these certainly offer much more flexibility, cost-effectiveness and lesser maintenance. You can read our post on Cloud Phone System vs Traditional Phone System .

What are the Features Offered by Cloud Communication Solution?

While every cloud communication solution has its own set of features, here we are highlighting the most useful ones:

  • Business Phone Numbers or DID Numbers
  • Multi-level Interactive Voice Response or Auto-Attendant
  • Intelligent Call Routing
  • Voicemail
  • Call Recording
  • Click-to-call Buttons
  • Text-to-Speech Facility
  • Call Reports
  • Working Time Management

How Cloud Communication Solution Boosts Business?

Now moving further, we shall discuss the benefits offered by cloud communication solutions in boosting business growth. Take a look:

1- Employees can Work from Wherever

employee work preferences

In today’s age, where everyone wants mobility, cloud lets employees or teams decide where they want to work from. Statistics reveal that “34% of workers who previously commuted to work say they now work remotely, since April 2020”. Also, “42% of companies say they have increased cloud and unified communication adoption”. It may be a coffee shop, while commuting by train or simply sitting at the comfort of their home – they can access cloud communication solutions as they would do in their office. Even when the pandemic hit the world, it was only because of cloud technology that companies were able to switch quickly to remote or hybrid working models.

2- Companies can Provide Better Customer Services

As per statistics, “83% of executives feel that unimproved CX presents them with considerable revenue and market share risks”. Cloud communication solutions let companies offer customers with the same level of customer service at all times and places. Also, the features offered by cloud communication solutions helps companies in gaining clear insights to a lot of valuable data. This includes call queues, waiting times, peak traffic hours, call recordings, etc. Managers, supervisors and even agents can make use of this data to improve customer service parameters and thus offer better customer experience.

3- Boosts Productivity of the Employees

Employee Productivity

It has been found that “83% of workers believe that they don’t have to work in an office to be productive. The very first fact of cloud communication that contributes towards employee productivity is flexibility in accessing the communication solution. Employees can work when they want to and from a place where they feel comfortable. They are not bound to using laptops or devices provided by the office, rather they can use their own devices to work.

Besides this, cloud communication solutions automate and streamline the business calls. The IVR and call routing connects customer calls directly with the right agents. This saves time of the employees and significantly reduces errors.

4- Data is More secure

Businesses had to take the whole responsibility of data security when traditional telephone systems were being used. All the hardware and software management was done on-premises which demanded a separate IT team, space and a huge amount of investment. But now, with the cloud, things are completely different.

While all the hosting is done in off-site data centers by third party service providers. This lessens the burden from the shoulders of companies. And, one can stay assured that a reliable service provider will implement best security practices to keep data safe and secure.

 5- Maximum Business Uptime

In today’s age, a business cannot stand against its competitors if it is not up 24/7. Communication with customers is at the heart of any successful organization. A Cloud communication solution hosted by a reliable service provider will certainly help a business to achieve maximum uptime and boost performance. Look for a provider who offers 99.999% of uptime guarantee in their Service Level Agreement and maintains geo-redundant data servers.

Cloud Communication – A Must for Every Business

Stats reveal that the global cloud communication market is expected to grow to US$ 22,408.5 million by 2028. While the figures are already impressive, it would be a wise decision for any business to switch to cloud technology to boost business growth. If you are looking for an advanced cloud communication solution, simply get a free 14 day trial of KloudTalk. You can try and test amazing communication and collaboration features such as IVR, Voicemail, Click to Call, etc.

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