Automatic Phone Call Recording for Business

Calls are important for your business, Call recording service is a vital feature which you must utilize to analyze the productivity of employees, review business data, personnel training & most importantly, to provide the highest level of customer service. It automatically captures each & every phone conversation that takes place within the organization, allowing you to instantly replay them at the touch of a button.

Benefits of Phone Recording System for Small Business

Call Recording

All the calls done via KloudTalk can be recorded & listened to after. It comes as a handy reference in difficult situations & conflicting incidents. It also keeps a check on confidential data sharing & corporate espionage.

Personnel Training

Call recording service helps in better training of personnel. It gives them real life scenarios & experiences for better understanding of business conduct. It can also be used as a case study material for future references.

Instant Set-Up

With just a few clicks, you can enable automatic recordings for one or multiple users. You can also set up automatic recording for inbound calls to departments.

Playback Recordings

You can save these recordings to be accessed later. Just download and playback or even send as an attachment in email. Download individual or multiple recordings for playback & review.

Custom Settings

You can choose which specific incoming or outgoing calls to record as per requirement. Once enabled, record conversations from any device, at any time.

Customer Needs

With Call recording service, you can playback on every incoming & outbound call & analyse customer needs & wants. Furthermore, any discrepancy in the customer orders or information can be corrected immediately. It allows you to make sure quotations and deliveries match your customer’s exact requirements.

How Call Recording System Works

Its quick and easy to install and use, all call recordings can be saved in a format suitable for email attachments. With a just a click, simply download & send as an attachment in email.

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