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5 Reason to Choose a Virtual Phone System

A virtual phone system is a cloud-based business phone service, which works via an internet connection. Compared to a traditional business phone system, which requires a hardware PBX system, virtual telephony requires very little hardware. Businesses purchase a local virtual or toll-free number and connect it to the various departments through a virtual PBX system.

Usually, the various departments can be reached through a different extension code. Cloud-based phone systems are now widely used in all business setups irrespective of their size. Even small businesses are going for a cloud PBX system owing to its flexibility. Here are 7 reasons why you should choose a virtual phone system.

  1. Cost-Effective Solution

A virtual phone system helps companies save a lot of money as they do not need to buy additional hardware and networking equipment. Most existing phones can be used with the new solution for connecting the call.


  1. No Infrastructure Required

As it’s a virtual solution, you do not have the need to create a large infrastructure set up.  There is no complexity to use the phone system as you will get an online interface to manage everything. You do not bear the pain to understand a network infrastructure.


  1. Helps in Managing Multiple Calls

Businesses having a bigger client base often receives a lot of inbound calls. It is also the case when these companies run marketing campaigns. In order to handle such high volume of inbound calls, a proper system is required, which can route the calls to the right department or agent. A virtual phone system excels in the scenario as calls are routed through the virtual PBX.


  1. Quick Deployment

A Virtual Phone System can be deployed quickly compared to a hardware-based phone system as there are no installation hassles. Imagine the setting up of a hardware-based system, which will need connections and wiring, which can take anything between 5-7 days depending upon the size of your organization. This is completely the opposite in the case of a virtual phone system, which can be deployed and set up in a few minutes.


  1. Rich Features

When you are moving ahead with a Virtual Phone System, you can expect some really interesting features such as Click-to-call, Multi-level IVR, Video Conferencing, Text to Speech translation, Mobile App to name a few. These type of features increases the efficient level of businesses.


Apart from the above reasons listed, the cloud-based phone system is preferred due to the additional flexibility it provides. Companies can get a free demo from service providers so that the features can be tested. Moreover, flexibility exists also in terms of payment plans, which are sometimes monthly or quarterly.

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