Call Reporting for Business

No matter what kind of industry you are in, every business needs to analyze its business model & make it profitable. Every Cloud PBX needs evaluation on regular intervals, if you want to make your business profitable or at the very least keep it running. You ought to use call analytics which helps you analyze your data more accurately. Call reporting software of KloudTalk comes integrated with call analytics & you won’t have to buy any add-on analytical software.

Features of Phone Call Reporting System

Complete Data

It gives you a compilation of all the complete data in an organised format for easy understanding & analysis. All this data can we used as per requirement to analyse any branch of the business.

In-Depth Analysis

Once, you have the complete data in your hand, you can analyse the profitable departments & also the loss-making products & services. This helps in better growth & progress of business.


Call reporting analytics lowers the operational cost of the business, speeds up the business processes. It improves customer experience and in turn you lose less customers.

Productivity Gains

With call details at your disposal, you can do more, sell more & thereby, make more profit. It also helps you manage the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) & also assist in performance management.


With the increasing number of VoIP related frauds & cyber-attacks, it becomes imperative to protect the business. Call reporting helps in toll fraud management by fraud detection and alerts. If unusual call traffic is detected by the software, it will alert you of the potential issue.

Real-Time Call Statistics

Real-Time call statistics are displayed on a live dashboard. It shows real-time call activity that informs the supervisors and business leaders of what’s going on in the company. Additionally, these live updates help employees to self-regulate and manage their output based on the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) set by their peers.

How KloudTalk Call Reporting System Works

On the KloudTalk dashboard, all the information is present in organized format for the ‘Admin’ to analyze. Based on these analyses, right decisions can be taken aptly with accuracy & precision. One has the option to select varied criteria, via filters, for the report generation as per requirement. Download is available in PDF format.

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