Call Reporting Software – A Must Have Feature in Every Business Phone System

As per reports, 60% of people choose to call local businesses after finding them on Google. Since customer is the King, every business, no matter big or small, has to listen to its customers. Paying attention to the vast amount of call data that is being collected by customer service teams every single day holds the key to generate better sales and achieve business success.

But, collecting such huge amount of data and converting into actionable insights is a tough task when done manually. This is where call reporting comes in.

Call Reporting – Software for Business Phone Systems

While there are a large number of incoming and outgoing business calls each day, having a software program that helps in analyzing every aspect of the communication process comes as a handy tool. Since Software systems have replaced manual work in several sectors, Call Reporting has also been automated by the software. With this, businesses can easily streamline the communication and the overall business operations in order to outshine in the competitive environment.

Why Call Reporting Software is Important in Business

The importance of call reporting software is still underestimated. The value that a business can gain through these reports is immense. To put it simply, you can go through the call history, listen to conversations between customer and agents, missed opportunities, and what not. Call Reports can give you insights and information which can be used to improve various aspects of your business operations leading to better customer satisfaction and thus grow your sales.

How does Call Reporting Work in Business Phone System

Call Reporting is generally a built-in feature of a Business Phone System that primarily collects the data from the phone system and stores it in a database. The data is then presented in a comprehensive/ organized format for easy and quick analysis and decision making. The type of information gathered generally includes:

  • The time when call was made
  • The time duration of the call
  • The number of the caller
  • The number of calls received, missed and abandoned
  • Other details like – when call was put on hold, idle, etc.

Key Features of Call Reporting & Analytics Software

First of all, we need to understand that Call reporting and analytics are two different functionalities. Let’s learn about them.

Call reporting makes use of raw data and turns it into a comprehensive summary which can be analyzed and used for making business decisions with confidence. For e.g. reporting summary highlights a downward trend in customer engagement.

Whereas, Call Analytics is the process that identifies the data trends, generates actionable insights that can be used to make improvements. Through call analytics, you can understand the needs and concerns of your customers and thus you can improvise your customer service accordingly.

Modern-day business phone systems such as KloudTalk are integrated with both these functionalities which makes the job much easier.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the key features associated with Call Reporting & Analytics Software:

Historical Reports

These reports generate insights about the past happenings which help managers and supervisors in understanding the performance of their team members. With a big picture of data over a certain period of time in the past, they can figure out areas of improvement and outages which will ultimately contribute towards better customer satisfaction and organizational growth.

Real-Time / Live Reports

Real Time reporting is done by capturing up-to-the-minute data and using it to make quick decisions. By viewing and accessing data right as it is happening, companies can analyze and see results immediately.

Report Scheduling 

In order to streamline information delivery and optimize the process of various reports running over a network, report scheduling is done. It delivers the information at the right time to the right user. It is done by setting up delivery of reports to a specified user base at a specified time or interval. The reports are emailed in the file format such as .CSV, .XLS, .PDF, .DOC, etc. Not only it helps in efficient distribution of data but also keeps the network safe from higher loads during peak hours.

Missed Call Analysis

It is common to receive calls during non-business hours, holidays, weekends that are missed. Tracking those calls is important for a business because those can be missed business opportunities. 

How to utilize a Call reporting software to its full advantage?

According to Gartner, 38% of CIOs listed data analytics (including predictive analytics) as one of three game-changing technologies. Reference

Here are some pointers to keep in mind so that you can make the most of your call reporting software:

  • Ensure that the call reporting metrics are monitored regularly. This can be done on daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly basis.
  • By keeping an eye on the reporting trends, you can train or coach the team members who need to improve their performance. Make sure the training sessions are provided time-to-time keeping in line with the current business trends.
  • Invest in a reliable call reporting software service. However, make sure your service provider offers reasonable pricing and has a good reputation in the market. You can compare the features offered by providers to choose the best one.

Why KloudTalk for Call Reporting Systems?

KloudTalk is a cloud based business phone system that comes with an integrated Call Reporting that offers an array of useful features, some of which are listed below:

  • It detects unusual call traffic and sends alerts thus saving from cyber-attacks and frauds.
  • It presents real-time call activity on the dashboard which is useful for both managers and employees.
  • It presents a compilation of complete data that helps in identifying the profitable departments and those undergoing loss.
  • Through call reporting analytics, the overall operational speed of the business improves and it also augments customer satisfaction.
  • It helps managers in employee performance management as they can see who is doing what through call data.
  • It also helps in employee motivation as they are able to monitor their own work.

According to McKinsey, 50% increase in the conversion rate on service-to-sales calls for companies that have applied advanced analytics. Whether your goal is to track the missed calls, reduce overhead costs or provide better services to customers, business phone solutions like KloudTalk would be a reliable choice. You can read our blog post on Factors to consider before buying a business phone system.

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