7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Voicemail Service

In this age where the internet is penetrated everywhere, we have a lot of new communication tools to make business interactions better than ever. But it doesn’t mean that we shall forget already-established systems such as voicemail that have resided in the market for several years. We know that phone calls are still one of the most popular modes used by people all over the world to connect with each other. But what about the calls that go unanswered due to the non-availability of the receiver?  This is where the voicemail comes into action. For businesses, whether big or small, a voicemail can help in keeping a record of unattended calls.

In this post, I’m going to give you the top 7 reasons why your business needs a voicemail service, but before that, let’s understand a little about voicemail.

What is a Voicemail?

Let’s consider a scenario.

Person A calls person B by dialing their phone number. But person B is unavailable to take calls. So person B’s voicemail or answering machine receives the calls, by asking the caller to leave their audio message. Person A leaves his voice message which is recorded and stored by Person B’s voicemail system in the digital mailbox and can be later accessed or retrieved by person B.

How does Voicemail Service Work?

The very basic role of voicemail is to convey a caller’s recorded voice message to the recipient. To achieve this, it has the following:

  • a user interface to select, play, and manage messages;
  • the delivery method to either play or otherwise deliver the message;
  • notification ability to inform the recipient of a waiting message.

What are the Benefits of Voicemail for Businesses?

Moving further, let’s understand that a voicemail service besides storing messages from unanswered calls, helps a business in several other ways which is why it becomes imperative for efficient business communication.

1- Listen to Unfiltered Messages

Messages get distorted when they travel from one person to another – no two ways about it. Even agents listening to customers during live calls may not be able to pay attention to each and every detail. Even noting down customer messages can result in information getting misplaced or distorted. This can lead to inadequate information which may result in wrongful decisions. This can be frustrating for both agents and callers. With Voicemail service, the original messages are being recorded which gives you the privilege to listen to your callers without any filters.

2- Get Time to Prepare your Response

One of the most excellent benefits of having a voicemail is that you do not have to answer or provide a solution to the caller on the spot. Rather, you get enough time to think, research, plan and provide the right solution to your callers by listening to the recorded messages. This adds to the quality of your customer service and let’s not forget that customer service is important for a business as it correlates to revenue. Thus the likelihood of more positive outcomes as you connect back with the caller’s increases.

3- A Great Way to Encourage Customer Feedback

customer feedback

Customer feedback is essential to measure customer satisfaction. It also plays an important role in business decision making. Without customer feedback, a business whether big or small, cannot identify the necessary changes required to make in their products and services. But your customers rarely have the time to write each and every detail when it comes to providing feedback. Even on a live call, customers can easily get interrupted and deviated. Having an uninterrupted and convenient medium to record feedback in the form of audio messages simply encourages your customers to provide their feedback. A voicemail service simply does the job for you.

4- Enjoy Convenience – Access Anytime, Anywhere

Time has gone by when voicemails were only limited to landline phones that are bound to one location. Voicemails could not be accessed when not going to the office or when traveling. This led to chances of missing business opportunities and delays in response to customer calls. However, the modern-day cloud-based voicemail solutions offered by cloud-based phone systems simply record the audio message in digital form, store it in the cloud, and send them as attachments to your email. So it doesn’t matter where you are and what time of the day it is, you can simply listen to voicemail messages through your phone, laptop, or any mobile device.

5- No More Waiting for Callers


When a customer makes a call, they have two options to choose from if no agent is available at the moment – either they can leave a voicemail for a callback or wait on the call for their turn to come. Numbers tell that more percentage of customers prefer to wait but we all know that being placed on hold is a frustrating experience for the callers. According to research from Velaro, “All it takes is waiting on hold for one minute and almost 60% of customers will hang up.” In addition, “32.3% of consumers believe that customer service departments should be answering immediately—with no hold time.” So those who do not want to wait can use the voicemail option to quickly communicate their concerns and queries without feeling that their precious time has been wasted.

6- Call Screening

Managing high call volumes such as during the festive season becomes quite difficult for businesses to answer all the calls. But ain’t there a business that wants to miss even a single customer call. In this situation, voicemail comes as a great rescue. By screening the incoming calls through caller ID, a business can answer high-priority calls. All other calls can simply be left for voicemail to access later.

7- Cost Savings

A voicemail is a great way to save on your business expenses without making compromises on the quality of your customer service. Single-handedly it does the job of several customer agents. This means by investing in a voicemail service for your business, you can save the amount of money required to hire customer support agents. A business can also set voicemail to take calls during a particular time of the day, thus saving money on overtime pay of the customer care agents.

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