Call Recording: How to Record Calls in Business Phone System?

While each and every business interaction is important, the ones that happen between a business’s support team and its customers over the call are highly critical.

Stats reveal that 92% of customer interactions occur over the phone.

Interestingly, 30-50% of sales go to the vendor that responds first.

Such facts clearly reveal that live phone support plays a crucial role in the success of a business. The way your business calls are handled makes the difference whether the clients stick or go away. Call recording, therefore, becomes a vital part of a business’s operations and is widely used to analyze business calls.

What is Business Call Recording?

It is the process of recording incoming and outgoing business calls which is done either automatically or manually as per need. Traditionally, hardware devices were being used to record calls, but with the advent of internet technology, cloud based call recording software such as KloudTalk are being popularly used by businesses around the world.

KloudTalk, a cloud based phone system, lets you set up call recording instantly with just a few clicks. The recordings can be easily saved so that they can be accessed later. Individual and multiple recordings can be downloaded for playback and review. Recording can also be customized for specific incoming or outgoing calls as required. For added convenience, all recordings can be sent as an email attachment.

What is the Use of Call Recording?

Call recording for business can be used by businesses dealing in different type of industry verticals such as real estate, hospitality, travel, finance, etc. Customer support teams and sales teams are two main categories that can benefit greatly from call recordings.

Recorded calls can be utilized in different types of situations faced by a business as mentioned below:

Enhanced Customer Experience

Phone calls are a crucial communication link between your business and its clients.  This is evident from the fact that Customer Satisfaction is considered as the most important call center KPI by 95.7% of contact center professionals. Further, it has been found that 61% of customers said they would stop dealing with a company as they did not experience good customer service from them. Managers can listen to recorded calls to see if the employees are maintaining the call quality standards and delivering customers a delightful experience.

Another interesting study reveals that more than 76% of consumers contacting customer service of a business expect the representative to know their product and history with the company.

This means that call recordings can be used by employees or agents to get to better know their customers so as to make their buying journey more satisfactory.

Monitoring Employee Performance

Only 13% of customers believe a sales person can understand their needs.

This percentage highlights the importance of attending customer calls with an attentive attitude. Assessing employees’ conversations with customers, businesses can rate the performance of the employees. Moreover, when employees are aware that their conversations can be heard at any point of time, they are more mindful towards their work. With all this, there are high chances that some businesses might see a drastic improvement in the performance of their employees.

Provide Training to New and Existing Employees

With call recordings, a company can get to know the strengths and weaknesses of individual employees. The evaluation made by managers and supervisors can be used to prepare training sessions – both one-to-one and in group. Even the new employees can be trained by showcasing use cases from recorded calls to make them understand what went right during customer calls and what did not work.

Used as an Evidence for Dispute Resolution

Legal fights with unhappy customers can be resolved much easily if the business has call recordings as an evidence. For instance, if a customer claims that the agent or representative misguided them, then call recording can provide protection in such cases.

To Know Consumer Opinions

5% increase in customer retention can produce 25% more profit.

Listening to recorded calls, business supervisors can get to know what customers think about the brand, their expectations and perceptions. All this information can be a lot helpful for the management in planning business products and services along with the marketing strategies to attract new customers and retain the existing ones.

Is it Legal to Record Business Calls?

While the lawsuits for call recording and monitoring vary from one country to another, the best practice is that both the parties must be in consent of call recording. To ensure the same, businesses can inform the callers that they are being recorded during the call.

Who can Access Call Recordings?

KloudTalk lets administrators and authorized users access recorded calls. While company managers, supervisors and employees usually need to listen to call recordings, upper management or anyone who is an authorized user can get the access.

KloudTalk – Call Recording Software for Customer Support Calls

Majority of the modern day small business phone systems are equipped with call recording feature. You can give a try to KloudTalk which is a user-friendly and robust cloud phone system for small to medium enterprises and provides the facility to record business calls with full ease. KloudTalk is packed with advanced features that bring more flow and efficiency to your business operations.

Record Business Calls with KloudTalk – Get Started!

We cannot ignore the fact that “88% of contact centers claim customer experience and expectations are the driving force of growth.” Besides call recording, KloudTalk offers several other features such as Call Reporting, Business Phone Number, and Click to Call Buttons, Multilevel IVR, Text to Speech, Voicemail, etc. All these features are extremely useful for streamlining the business communication functions and delivering better customer service.

The bottom line is that if you are a small to medium sized business, say a call center with more than 1 employee handling the customer calls, then a cloud based phone system with call recording feature is the best option for you. If you are not using this technology, it is high time you put it in place right now. You can also read our blog post on Why You Should Record Your Business Calls

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