10 Reasons Why You Should Record Your Business Calls

The business landscape is never the same. With new trends and technologies emerging in the market every day, it becomes a necessity to adapt to state-of-the-art business practices in order to survive. But often businesses underestimate various practices that could make great differences. One such practice is recording business calls.

Customer service is the foundation of any business; it is important to know what exactly the customer said, when exactly they want a service and how they want it. There are several other important things to know as well. But is it possible for a human to remember what all was being said when he is taking as many as 50 calls a day? Here business call recording presents as an effective solution.

What is Business Call Recording Software?

It is a software feature that captures the conversation held over the business phone system. The recorded calls can be replayed afterward. The recordings are stored over the cloud which means authorized users can listen to those recordings whenever required. It is different from the traditional phone call recording that works on a phone line. Call recording does not require any separate setup, it is usually a part or built-in feature of a business’s cloud telephony system. These business call recordings are saved in the audio file format and can be listened to later just like any other audio file.

Why You Should Record Your Business Calls?

Take a look at 10 powerful reasons why you should record your business calls:

1. Track Down Missed Information

Calls can get complex. Sometimes, it gets difficult to understand what the customer really wants even when the representative tries his best. Keeping a manual record of minute details while listening to a call actively isn’t very easy. In such situations, when you can go back and listen to a customer’s conversation, it can be of great use. It might help you figure out what has been missed and in finding a solution to the problem.

2. Capture Customer Success Stories

Call recording can be one great method to document some great success stories of your business. Yes, it is not always that a customer will call you for queries or concerns, but also to tell you why they chose you, how your services benefitted them, their experience with your company, and so on. These customer testimonials and success stories are also an effective way to keep the team motivated.

3. Identify Areas of Improvement

Every business needs continual improvement. Especially, the sales and support teams need a system in place that can help them in identifying areas where they need to change for the better. Monitoring the recorded calls is an effective way to see if there are any recurring problems and what could they make better. It could be simply improving the communication skills by addressing customers in a more refined way.

4. Quick Catch-up for New Customer Reps

Sharing call recordings with the new customer service agents in the team will help them quickly adapt with the business operations along with the customer requirements and problem areas. These recordings can act as teaching points as agents will get to know how to adjust to good and bad customer reactions.

5. Resolve Client Disputes

Battling Legal issues can be an expensive affair; why not prepare in advance by maintaining a database of recorded calls? Tackling unhappy customers and miscommunication can become easy by recording calls. It can even help in sorting before things proceed to court.

6. Comply with Legal Guidelines

Recording business calls by notifying the caller through a voice message on a prior basis not only helps in avoiding heavy penalties and expensive lawsuits but also adds to the reputation and credibility of the company.

7. Understand Customer Personas

Every customer is different, so are their needs, preferences, etc. But understanding their persona and behavior is crucial to a business’s marketing campaign’s success. Call recording will help in figuring out the issues faced by customers which can be addressed in the campaigns.

8. Create Business Growth Chart

By bringing call recording to practice, you can analyze how customer support has evolved. By doing a comparative analysis of calls from the past to the present, you can come up with data that would be of immense value to business growth.

9. Upgrade Product or Service

When you know what customers want, it becomes easy to tweak and streamline products or services with the needs of customers. Listening to call recordings, you will get to know what new features can boost sales and what should be eliminated as per the likes and dislikes of the customers.

10. Provide Feedback to Support Staff

When utilized properly, it can be one of the most effective customer feedback mechanisms without any expense. It gives you crystal clear insights if the agents are using any kind of cold calling techniques and the potential pitfalls. By suggesting improvements, providing coaching and training time-to-time, employee performance can be boosted.

Is Call Recording Legal?

Ever heard “Your call may be recorded for quality and training purposes.”? Though business call recording is not a new concept in the marketplace, with the onset of the latest GDPR guidelines, it is mandatory for organizations to ensure that their customers are aware of the call being recorded and that they are in consent with it.

Which Call Recording Software should you choose?

This decision is determined by several factors as mentioned below:

  1. Think about the type of calls you are going to record – inbound or outbound or both?
  2. The price of the call recording software is also a major concern. How much are you ready to pay?
  3. The reliability of call recording software is important for the security of data.

Unpleasant experiences and negative reviews will ultimately lead to losing customers and a business just cannot afford this. It is, therefore, crucial to monitor and evaluate conversations with customers, and business call recording is one of the most effective ways to do it.

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