Cloud Phone System for Business

A small business phone system is a virtual phone system which is hosted in the cloud, which means that data is stored in a secure server which can be accessed via internet. A cloud phone system replaces traditional land lines and is usually hosted by a third-party provider.

Instead of an answering machine tape, phone bills, and tons of wires; a cloud phone system is a PBX phone system stored digitally. This makes it less expensive and easy to use. Because of this, it improves the way businesses operate and act as a perfect office phone system for small businesses.

Key Features of Cloud Phone System for Small Business

Some of the key points of this VoIP phone system for small businesses are:

Multilevel IVR

In KloudTalk, one can create multi-level IVRs and route calls to multiple teams. No need to hire for voice recording for IVR, the Text-to-Speech feature helps you convert simple text into an IVR audio in no time & can choose from among 13 languages.

DID, Toll Free & Click to Call

Buy DID or Toll-free numbers of more than 50 countries or just place a Click to Call button on your website or mobile app. Allow customers to call you from anywhere, thereby improving lead quality, customer conversion & the overall customer experience.

Transfer, Voicemail & Greetings

Route and transfer calls to colleagues in any part of the world without any difficulty. Easily redirect calls to voicemail in case no one is available to take calls. Create custom greetings based on your business logic to pleasantly connect with your callers.

Why Cloud Based Phone System for Small Business

Every business communicates with it's customers and prospective clients. The most common way of communicating is audio, it is used almost by every business across the globe. Traditionally, businesses were required to go through tedious tasks of buying the numbers from telecom operators, setting up expensive hardware and then, managing the entire operation. The worst part of this was that the setup was expensive with a lot of downtime which resulted in dropped calls, response delays, poor communication quality and many more, leading to frustrated customers and agents.

But with cloud technology coming of age, phone systems are shifting towards cloud. Business phone systems on cloud are available at a fractional cost than the traditional systems, plus cloud-based phone systems are way more robust, reliable and efficient. Hence, they are the go-to solutions for any big or small company. Virtual phone systems provide small businesses an opportunity to compete with big companies by creating a global image at a very small cost.

Benefits of Cloud Based Business Phone System

Scale with Ease

Businesses have the advantage of increasing or decreasing their workforce anytime without worrying about the setup cost for additional lines. They can add as many extensions as they need to accommodate heightened call volume or if need be, deactivate these extensions whenever they want.

Mobility for Workforce

With a cloud system, you can operate with full ease from multiple business locations. You can have all your work calls routed to your preferred device. All employees, including home offices and workers on the go, can gain access from anywhere, thereby increasing productivity & customer retention.

Easy Set-up

Easily set-up your company’s communication system in the cloud. No expensive bulky hardware that requires dedicated space. No hassles of equipment installation. No need to deal with cables. Setting up your business phone system has never been easier - Just a simple account login, system configuration & it’s done.

Integrated Communication

Integrating a company’s communication with its business tools helps increase business efficiency. It enables employees to connect from wherever they are, thereby providing consistent business presence for increased productivity.

Cost Saving

No hardware equipment is required for successfully running a cloud PBX phone system, which saves a ton of money. No setup cost, monthly rentals, maintenance cost is required, helping reduce the cost & increase profitability.

Improved Customer Service

The options of custom greetings, voicemail, mobility etc. allows the business to remain connected to customers, thereby enhancing customer experience with better service & continuity.

Platform Supported by Cloud Business Phone Systems

The team can interact with customers on a variety of devices including:

Landline/Mobile Phone/GSM

Your team can take calls from any device to provide best services to your customers. No more missed calls or a big voicemail list. Enjoy more flexibility - Use any GSM number with complete ease.


Connect with your customers using any Laptop or PC or Mac, no matter where you are. Elevate the way you manage your customer calls and even do business - Work from the comfort of your place.

Mobile Application

iOS or Android, we got them all covered. Take your business beyond borders; make and receive customer calls just from anywhere. Enjoy complete mobility with our iOS or Android Apps.

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