Top 5 tips for choosing an IP PBX Provider for your Small Business

An IP PBX is a solution that allows handling of internal traffic between and organization and act as the gatekeeper to the outside world. In a layman term, it’s phone system for businesses that allows calls to function using VoIP. Here all information that is transmitted through phone communication is converged with data communication and further transferred using IP.

Compared to traditional PBX system, IP PBX is cost effective due to the use of VoIP technology.  This is one of the main reasons why it is preferred by business enterprises. Additionally, ease of usage is also another attribute of an IP PBX solution that separates it from the older generation hardware based PBX System.

Small Business Enterprises are adopting this solution nowadays to streamline their communication system.  Searching for an IP PBX provider for your company is not at all a daunting task as there are many solution providers available. However, the true challenge occurs when you want to select one as you might be confused with too many providers offering similar things. Here I have mentioned 5 tips for choosing an IP PBX Provider for your company

Ease of Installation & Set Up

Unlike traditional PBX System, an IP PBX is very easy to install, which can be completed within a few hours. However, not all solutions offer the ease of installation. Some may have a complex set up, which would be confusing. So, you should take a demo of a few IVR Solutions and check which one has quick installation process.

Foolproof Security

When you go for an IP PBX, which comes as a Cloud Based Business Phone system, you will enjoy several collaboration features. There will be a huge transmission of voice and data, so security comes in the top priority. Your IP PBX Solution provider should offer a secured environment for the same to prevent any type of data breach incidents that may hamper your company’s image.

 Complete Solution in a Single Package

An IP PBX solution may accompany other features like Cloud Conferencing, Voice Mail, Multi-level IVR, and Click to Call etc. These features are required for every organization to make the internal and external communication system effective. When you choose an IP PBX vendor, you must check with your solution provider if all required features are provided.

Scalable as per Business Needs

Your business may not be of the same size with the passing years. You may be adding new branches, departments and increasing your team size. Hence, you need to go for a solution, which is scalable as per your business needs. You can start with a cloud phone system solution with 1 user license and increase the users as your business grows. It is advisable to check with the solution providers if they have the flexibility to upgrade the license later as per business requirements.

Round The Clock Customer Support

An IP PBX which is also known as a hosted PBX comes with a monthly rental option in most cases. It means that you need not worry about the maintenance and backend infrastructure. Although, it’s a fully managed services, there are instances when you may face glitches. A 24×7 customer support will prevent in any kind of downtime to your business.

While selecting any solution not just, an IP PBX, you need to make a detailed search and try with at least 2-3 solution provider.

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