Why is Direct Inward Dialing (DID) Important For Your Business?

Streamlining communication and collaboration is an important business aspect and there are several ways to achieve it. Having a DID number is one popular and easy way about which we are going to learn through this post.

What is Direct Inward Dialing (DID)?

In DID, a telephone service provider connects a block of phone numbers with a business’s PBX which allows the business to set up virtual phone numbers that can directly reach a desk extension or a group of extensions bypassing the main reception line. 

What is a DID Number?

Also called virtual phone numbers these are local phone numbers associated with different countries and cities around the world. Businesses can use these numbers to show their local presence without making a physical establishment.

Unique DID phone numbers are generally assigned to different employees along with extensions, so when the caller calls a DID number and the extension, his call is directly routed to that particular employee.

How does DID Work?

Let’s consider a scenario where a support team within an organization receives as many as a hundred calls a day. Each employee in the support team caters to the different needs of the customer. So, if the customer calls are first picked up by the receptionist, which sometimes includes lots of hold time, it becomes very tedious to route multiple calls to the right agents. Not only it irritates the customer but also wastes the company’s time.

With DID numbers all these issues are eliminated. When an extension is dialed with the provided local number of the business, the call gets directly routed to the concerned person. However, if not dialed, then an auto-attendant (IVR) may first ask for the extension and the call goes through without any delay.

DID numbers can be thought of as standard telephone numbers but on the back end it is a shortcut phone line. This means that all inbound calls on a DID number get instantly relayed to an agent dedicated to that number. 

Benefits of Having Direct Inward Dialing Number

Let’s look at the top 7 benefits of having a DID number for businesses.

Customized Business Phone Numbers

The best part about using a DID number for your business is that these numbers look no different from standard phone numbers and provide benefits to businesses with this attribute of theirs. So purchasing a DID number for X city will help you appear as a local business even if you are not operating in that city. There is no denying the fact that customers prefer to do business with a local company rather than an overseas firm. It is therefore obvious that they will prefer to call a local number than an international number for doing business.

Cost Savings

As we know that at the end of the day ‘money matters’. This fact is true for almost every business. DID numbers act as local numbers for callers on a worldwide basis and allow business to route calls to their existing telephone lines. Business coverage using DID numbers is quite cost-effective as compared to legacy telephone systems. By using DID numbers, the communication cost for employees getting connecting is also reduced.

Improved Inter-office communication

Stats tell that “86% of the employees and executives cite lack of ineffective communication for workplace failures.” DID numbers act as a great tool for streamlining communication between employees of the same organization who are sitting at different physical locations. With dedicated extensions, communication becomes extremely easy. This help team members to collaborate over issues and resolve them quickly.

Easy Global Expansion

This is another major advantage of Direct Inward Dialing. No matter the size of the business, international expansion is easily possible as one can get DID numbers in several countries without establishing a physical presence.

More Control

Having a DID number gives you the flexibility to receive calls to “where and when” as per your choice. It is up to you which DID number you want to allocate to which team or employee.

Track Marketing Campaigns

Using DID numbers, you can keep a check on your marketing goals. By assigning a unique DID number to each campaign and even different DID numbers to different campaigning mediums such as TV, Radio, Social Media, etc., you can track their performance by checking the number of calls received through each number.

Better Customer Satisfaction

As per a study done by Microsoft, it is found that Globally, “54% of all consumers say that they have higher customer service expectations than they did just one year ago.” Nobody likes to be put on hold or wait, especially when there is some issue to be resolved. Since with DID numbers, customers can directly reach the concerned agents, it saves their time and generates a sense of satisfaction as well.

Improves Efficiency

In a study, it is found that “92% of employees say having technology that helps them do their job efficiently affects their work satisfaction.” With DID, support agents save a lot of their time as they can be directly reached by callers through extensions. Also, they can take more calls which ultimately leads to more efficiency.


DIDs give businesses the opportunity to have unlimited unique phone numbers for their different departments and team members without getting any additional hardware or installation. This means they can grow as per need.

How to Buy a DID Number for Your Business?

The next thing that certainly comes to mind is how to buy a DID number and where you can get it. At KloudTalk, our support team can help you with the whole process of getting DID numbers for your business.

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