Reasons Why Cloud Business Phone System is Gaining Popularity

Setting up a business is easy these days. Whether it is about renting the office space or installing systems in the office, every single service can be availed within seconds using the internet. But once the office setup is done, business gets running, marketing plans and strategies get executed, it all comes to one point i.e. customers. If your customers are having a good experience with your business that means your business is on the growth road and there will certainly be good sales and revenue. No matter which business you are dealing in, this fact is true for one and all.

So, now we know that customers are the growth drivers of businesses and that businesses need to adapt various tools and techniques to ensure excellent customer service and satisfaction.

65% of customers prefer to connect with a business using phone.

But how a business can serve its customers 24/7, especially small to mid-sized companies face difficulty in dealing with this issue as they have limited set of resources. This is where a cloud business phone system comes in useful.

Why Cloud Phone Systems are Preferred by Businesses?

Cloud based phone systems like KloudTalk offer several benefits to businesses that helps them compete efficiently in the market. Let’s have a look.

No Equipment, No Maintenance, No Physical Space

This is the primary factor that distinguishes the cloud based phone systems from the traditional on-premise PBXs. While a huge investment and effort is required a PBX server and switch that are used to prioritize call traffic in on-premise telephone systems, cloud technology simply eliminates the need of hardware and the physical space required for its installation. This results in lower upfront cost for setting up the cloud business phone system.

As per stats, cloud telephone systems can trim down initial costs for startup businesses up to 90%.

Also, a business can have peace of mind since there is no maintenance work or unexpected repair work. Besides all this, there is no need to hire technical staff for the maintenance of equipment. So rather than juggling with hardware and installations, a cloud based telephone system let small businesses focus on core areas for better service and growth.

Excellent Set of Advanced Features

What makes a cloud business phone system like KloudTalk so great? Well, it is because of the advanced features it offers.  KloudTalk is not just a business phone system for making and receiving calls but a lot more. You can record customer calls, get multiple business phone numbers, create multi-level IVR, get call reports, and much more.

What features are provided by KloudTalk – Cloud Business Phone System?

Call handling becomes so easy that with just a single tap, you can do so much which would have been impossible even with the most efficient traditional phone systems. Have a look at some of the most useful features you get with KloudTalk:

Intelligent Call Routing

By using Kloudtalk, calls get quickly patched to the right agent through call routing feature which makes use of AI. Call details like Caller Data, Caller Input & Customer Historical Data, etc. are being considered for routing the call to an appropriate agent. This in turn reduces call wait time and call duration. Benefit? More customer satisfaction and retention.

Call Recording

Recorded calls can provide great value to your business. Utilizing this feature, you can review business inquiries and issues. Also, these recordings are excellent source of data used for training employees. You can read our blog on How to record business calls here.

Click to Call Buttons

Nothing is more convenient than a click to call button for a customer who looking to get answers to his queries. Rather than making customers and prospects dial your business phone number, KloudTalk lets you add a click to call button on your email signature and website. It’s one of the best thing you can do for your customers!

Call Reporting

KloudTalk comes with an analytics feature which means you don’t have to buy a separate one. Call reporting and analytics makes business decision making much easier and quick. It complies data in an easy to understand format, so now you can get call reports of a specific department and analyze it for further planning.


Interactive Voice Response is one of the most effective ways to answer and handle customer calls. While callers with basic queries can be easily handled with an IVR, even complex issues can be resolved in a simpler way as callers have different options to choose from.

Business Number

A growing business means expanding business presence. Establishing a physical business presence in different locations, local and international, looks like an expensive affair. However, KloudTalk lets you make your business appear local for different locations by offering a business phone number facility.

Offers Mobility & Flexibility

Several businesses have benefitted from cloud business phone system technology as it allows them to take calls just from anywhere in the world. Forasmuch as an internet connection and a device such as laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone is all what is required.

Allows Uniform Expansion

Most of the companies these days have multiple locations. Using a cloud business phone system, a business can deploy a uniform phone system across multiple remote offices. Simply said, users in all locations will have accessibility to same set of features plus they will enjoy same call quality.

Ensures Business Continuity

In the event of a natural calamity or any issue that disrupts the working of the business, can a business afford to remain down even for a few hours? The answer is simply NO. There is so much competition out there that having your services shut even for a few minutes would mean losing customers.  A cloud business phone system allows businesses to remain connected to their customers and prospects without getting affected by outside factors.

Better Customer Service

In a study it has been found that “American consumers are willing to pay 17% more to purchase from a company with a reputation for great service.” Furthermore, 83% of companies that believe it’s important to make customers happy also experience growing revenue. Interactive Voice Response act as an Auto-attendant and contributes a lot towards customer satisfaction. Customers get their queries resolved without waiting in queues and there is someone to answer them even during non-business hours

Final Thoughts

If you are a small business, you should remember the fact that customer-centric companies are 60% more profitable than companies that don’t focus on customers. So, in order to achieve excellent customer service goals, a cloud business phone system like KloudTalk is definitely the way to go.

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