Click-To-Call: How It Impacts the Customer Experience

Click-to-call, also known as click-to-talk, click-to-chat, and click-to-text, is embedded on the company’s websites and email signatures for easy connection among the customers with brands. It helps connect the customer to a real-time individual either by a call. This system makes it simple and easier for customers to reach directly with the company, and they don’t have to download any other software to use it.

It is beneficial for your business growth as it will provide your potential consumers easy access to get in touch with you and make queries about your services rather than just hanging on assumptions on what you are providing. It is seen as a form of direct response marketing after viewing the marketing materials like websites, paid search ads, and other types of digital content.

Why Use click-to-call?

1- Instant Resolution to Customer Queries

Once visitors are on your website, they would want to reach out to customer support for service or product-related assistance. With the Click-to-call button installed on your website, they click on it to get connected to your agents via phone or PC. Making a GSM call is usually costly if your website visitors are from different countries as ISD Call rates are quite high.  So, Click-to-call proves as a cost-effective solution.

2- Answering calls is the crucial part:

Though the main work is done, you need to ensure that you have got someone to answer the calls of the customers, promptly. It is important to answer the calls for retaining loyal customers and giving the idea that you aim for serious business. People are more prone to quick services these days, so they need your site to load instantly and answer the phone quickly. The click-to-call feature also facilitates the routing of calls to the agent’s mobile number if the 1st number is busy. In this way, no contact opportunity is missed.

3- Increase your sales structure:

Communication between customers and businesses is a solid way to increase sales transfiguration, which can be achieved by the Click-to-call feature. It enhances the possibility of speaking to potential customers who want to buy your products and services, as it is seen that most consumers prefer to make purchases over the phone while others reserve an item for purchase at a later date. So you need to ensure that the process of connection is smooth for them to reach out to you. And if they like your service, there is an 80 percent chance for them to become repeat customers and recommend others about your products too. Consumers are more likely to stay with a company that offers excellent customer service, including a better financial deal.

4- Personalized communication:

Customers expect you to prioritize their queries or grievances, so a personalized online experience and reaching out directly creates an interconnection between both parties. Searchers find the click-to-call option as a crucial factor in the process of purchasing phase of decision making. It also anticipates these customers to stick with you for the long run.

5- Assists in proper marketing:

Small businesses have many tasks to accomplish to succeed. So a click-to-call is a proficient way to upgrade the marketing objectives of your company. As you speak directly to your customers and potential clients, you will get a general idea of what they want and where you are lacking to provide the best quality products and services. Instead of thinking of these comments as negative hits to your business, you can use these calls to get a new insight into your marketing strategies, which in turn will help save time and effort and you can act on the requirements of your customers.

Everyone appreciates communicating with a real person. Most customers tend to communicate with the companies by calls, and they find it the most efficient way towards resolving an issue. For a brand to optimize its online potential, click2call buttons are necessary. Their presence should also be accompanied by maps of store locations, hours of operation, and other useful information. So click-to-call buttons are easy to implement and have a bucket full of benefits to help your business achieve its goals. Let it help boost your sales, customer satisfaction, leads, and ultimately, your profit scale.

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