7 Tips for a Successful Video Conference

In the present world, web conferencing or video conferencing has become extremely useful as it helps in establishing hassle-free communication with remote team members. Compared to audio conferencing, video conferencing provides more flexibility due to which the latter is preferred by executives and business professionals. Although this technology is becoming popular in organizations, most of us are unaware of the right video conferencing etiquette.

7 Video Conferencing Tips

1. Mute yourself when not speaking.

Most participants keep their mic on while they are not speaking in a web conferencing session as they are unware that this practice causes huge disturbance in the online meeting. So, if you not speaking, you should mute your mic, so that the background noise do not cause any hindrance.

2. Ensure your technology works correctly.

Understanding video conferencing technology is quite important before starting your online meeting. You should be aware of the features and also run a few tests. Do not start meeting directly with the clients before you have done sufficient tests. Test with your internal team to ensure that everything is working fine.

3. Choose the proper software and hardware.

Having reliable video conferencing software makes things easy. The software should be user-friendly so that your staff can use the same without extensive training. Your laptop or mobile device must be updated with the right OS so that there is no hassle during your online meeting session. Before choosing a video conferencing software it is better to make a detailed comparison.

4. Wear work-appropriate clothing.

Most people prefer to work from home wearing shorts or cool vests but this will not be the right choice of attire while attending a face-to-face online meeting. You need not wear anything fancy but try wearing something which is appropriate. It can be a decent color tea with trousers.

5. Frame the camera correctly.

We’ve all been on video calls where we end up looking up people’s nostrils or seeing the side of their faces. When you’re on video, make sure you frame your camera in a way that feels natural and allows you to look at the camera.

Sit at eye level to the lens, and try to position yourself so that it shows midsection up. Placing it too high leaves other participants staring down at you like a bad tv show. Putting a camera too low can lead to unflattering and awkward angles.

6. Have the right light.

Poor lighting conditions have a bad effect on the video quality that you send. Make sure that there is sufficient light in the room you’re in so that your video isn’t grainy and unwatchable. Try not to mix natural lighting and office lighting. The best idea is to apply lighting from all sides that make faces look the best.

7. Look into the camera.

While interacting with the remote participants look at the camera instead of the video feed. If you are looking at the computer screen/ video instead of the camera, it will appear that you are not paying attention to the other party.

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