With all the important discussions held over virtual meetings it gives an additional benefit of recording. The recording function is really helpful for businesses or organisations to keep a track of all the information shared. It also makes it impossible for any loss of information and ideas. With the meeting recording function of KloudCon, you can easily record your web conference.

KloudCon web conference recording feature helps you to keep the important discussions for future reference. The recordings will be available for future employees, clients, and shareholders. This further saves plenty of time that would be spent while repeating the same information.


One-click recording

The recoding process is very simple and it can be saved with a single click to be played later. While conducting a virtual meeting if any of your participants are not able to attend it then recording the meeting would help. And to avoid any complications, KloudCon offers a simple recording process to help you keep a copy of your virtual meeting.

Cloud Storage

The recorded meeting in KloudCon is saved in cloud. There is no particular device where the recoding is stored and therefore can be shared easily. Cloud storage has several advantages like accessibility, safe from any disaster, better security, easy sharing, collaboration and many more.

Easily Accessible

With the recorded meeting stored in the cloud, businesses are able to access it at any time from any location. As long as there is an internet connection you can access your data from anywhere. When the recording meeting is stored in cloud, employees, partners and clients can access it from any location.

Share recording

The recorded meeting in KloudCon can be shared with anyone easily. It can be shared in form of a file or a link. The recipient can click on the link and can access the recorded meeting. This feature is helpful for anyone unable to attend the meeting can be informed about all the discussions.

Saves sharing time

Recorded meeting can be shared easily without any hassle. It can be shared as a file or in form of link. The host can send link of the meeting to the concerned person without the need to repeat all the discussions of the meeting every time anyone needs to consult it.

Improved focus & engagement

With the meeting being recorded the participants can eliminate the need to take any written notes and can devote all their attention to the ongoing discussion. As the recording will ensure that no information is lost, this therefore brings in more engagement from the participants.


Its quick and easy to install and use, all call recordings can be saved in a format suitable for email attachments. With a just a click, simply download & send as an attachment in email.

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