Why Kloudtalk?

Connect with your customers in Real-time through Video Chat, Audio Calling, Screen Sharing and much more on your business website and application.

Easy to Setup and Use

Setup in Minutes not months

It’s quick and easy to install and customize Kloudtalk. No coding, No hardware, simply copy paste the snippet in your website or application and start delighting your customers.

No Download Required

Just ONE CLICK on your website or application and your customer is connected with you over Audio and Video call. Kloudtalk is a browser based solution and your customers are not required to download any app to connect with humans within your business.

Create the WOW

Enhance customer support

What are the ways your customers can connect with your company for enquiring about your services or requesting for support? Companies face high competition on all fronts and there are only a few ways that a customer can use to connect with your company online, such as email or opening a service ticket. The response time is usually high using these ways and most of the customers are lost due to unavailability of resource and information live and at the point it is required. But with kloudtalk you could respond to your customer within a few seconds and create an awesome experience for the customers.

Real-time Feedback

Realtime responses or feedbacks gives a company exact insights into what their customers feel and think about their brand. Tracking all the data and conversations will help business managers take right decision with the product and service involved. Kloudtalk provide immediate access to customer’s pain point and enable companies to resolve them or design a strategy for long term solution, the representatives can find out ways to improve a company’s services or products with first-hand experiences.

Boost conversions
and increase

Convert visitors into paying customers

Using kloudtalk on your website and mobile application will help turn inbound online visitors into customers. Chance of converting returning inbound traffic is way more compared to new visitors. Our live Audio/video assistance can act as a simple platform of connection between you and your customers on your website and mobile application, and help you convert visitors into paying customers.

Reduce the customer journey

Mostly customers spend time on your website understanding your products or services and checking the pricing. Using Kloudtalk you can easily intercept them at this point and solve all their queries LIVE hence reducing your customer journey and eventually converting them into potential buyers. This will help you drastically increase retention rate because your customers will feel an emotional connect with your website everytime they make a purchase.

Never Miss a

Never Miss a Customer call

Customer calls are the most important calls for any business and you surely don’t want to miss them even if you are offline or after your business hours. Kloudtalk help you to land customer calls from your website or mobile application to any number in the world. So even if your agents are offline they can still receive customer calls on their mobile.

Call patching and Transfer

At times your customer facing team require help to support a customer or want to forward a call to other team/agent, using kloudtalk all this will be as easy as clicking a button. You can also use these features to enable upselling and cross selling on your website and help your sales team sell more to existing customers.

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