Web conferencing has become an integral part of business communication in the present day. It helps businesses to stay connected with their colleagues and clients in a hassle-free way. The face-to-face virtual meetings further eliminate any need for travelling and in turn, saves both time and money.

With education, healthcare, customer services and many more departments shifting towards the digital platform, web conferencing has become an efficient means for these things to function in a better way.


Host online meetings with up to 200 participants

With KloudCon web conferencing solution, you can add up to 200 participants in a single call without any hassle. You can send invites and hold your virtual meetings in a secured environment with your colleagues, vendors and clients.

Crystal clear audio

High-quality, uninterrupted audio conferencing is an important part of business communication. Enjoy crystal clear audio output with KloudCon web conferencing solution. We take measures to ensure that your audio is free of jitters, audio & line noise, echoes, delays and more.

HD quality video

With KloudCon web conferencing solution you can enjoy high quality video all through your meeting. Good video quality helps in clear interactions and presentations can be viewed without any obstruction. Kloudcon also ensures that the video quality is maintained even in low network connectivity.

Cost efficient & Increases productivity

As video conferencing platform allows for in-depth interactions over high-definition (HD) video this solution helps to save a lot of resources in the process. It is very effective in saving money which would be required for arranging the physical meeting. It also helps to increase productivity as remote participants can attend the conference easily from their location without wasting any time.

Reduced travel

Virtual meetings reduce travelling time. Businesses can hold virtual meetings at ease from any location without the need to fix a destination for the conference. This reduced travel requirements helps to increase the productivity as well as cut down extra costs on behalf of the company.

Quality retained in low bandwidth areas

Poor network conditions often cause disruptions to web conferences. However, with KloudCon web conferencing you can enjoy good quality audio video in your web conferencing even in low bandwidth areas. This helps businesses to keep working along with their remote workforce with minimal effort.


Its quick and easy to install and use, all call recordings can be saved in a format suitable for email attachments. With a just a click, simply download & send as an attachment in email.

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