One of the most sought after features with web conference is screen sharing. When you are holding an online meeting, there are times when you or your participants need to share a presentation for a better understanding of the topic discussed. This is where the screen sharing feature comes to the rescue.

You as a host or as a participant can share your screen in real-time during the video conference. This not only helps to collect feedbacks but also enables you to share your comments instantly on ongoing projects.


Instant screen Sharing

KloudCon offers hassle free screen sharing with a single click. Using this easy screen sharing feature you can share presentations and other details with your team easily.

Real-time collaboration

Screen sharing in KloudCon web conference takes place in real-time. This therefore speeds up discussions in an ongoing meeting aided with a concrete presentation.

Better Communication

When a discussion is aided with several proof and presentations it brings clarity and therefore leads to a better understanding. Screen sharing hence helps in better communication.

Feedback Collection

A web conference is a virtual meeting where you can have discussions and everything same as would happen in a normal meeting. And therefore you can also collect feedback easily.

Offer insights

Screen sharing is a big help to web conference. It brings clarity, it helps participants to understand what the speaker is trying to say and more. Similarly, this also enables hosts or other participants to share their opinion and give insights on running projects.

Increase productivity

Productivity increases when the web conference is successful with all the important discussions made clear and the participants understand their roles clearly and act upon it. Screen sharing feature helps in better understanding and communication thereby helping in improving productivity.

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