With the increased digitalisation, people operate multiple devices and platforms. These multiple devices are crucial for the smooth functioning of the business. While people at a fixed location may use desktop, those on the go can stay connected using their mobile phones.

Flexibility in today’s world is a preferred feature. With greater flexibility available for the business to operate, the productivity increases along with it. And therefore KloudCon has been designed to support several platforms including web, desktop or mobile app.


Increased flexibility

With multiple platform support, you can enjoy more flexibility in attending or hosting web conference from any device. All the features of KloudCon web conferencing solution are available irrespective of the device you use.

On-the-go connectivity

Never miss an important meeting. With the multiple platform support from KloudCon, you can remain connected from anywhere. The on-the-go connectivity is especially useful in attending the meetings from any location.

Increased availability

The multiple device support leads to increased availability. Users can be available from any device that is present with them. They can login from desktop, web browser or mobile app according to their convenience.

Improved productivity

The ability to stay connected from any device leads to increased productivity as users. Users do not have to reserve specific device or space for the meetings. They can attend from any location and from any device they have with them.

Easy to operate

KloudCon web conferencing solution is easy to set up and operate from any device. It is easy to install and host or attend a web conference via any device like desktop, web browser or via mobile app.

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