Group chat is a becoming of the popular ways of business communication to communicate with colleagues as well as clients. An expansion of the 1-on-1 instant messaging, group chat allow to chat with multiple people simultaneously.

The feature of group chat during web conference help to bring a lot of elements in to the conference. It fosters a sense of immediacy and collaboration that is similar to a normal face-to face conference with all the participants present.



Group Chat along with web conference leads to multitasking. Participants can attend the conference as well as chat and share files and other necessary ones.

Real-time Sharing

The group chat feature enables host as well as participants to share files in real-time. Participants can take part in web conference as well as write anything which would be visible to the all.


Group chat brings with it the benefit of collaboration. This enables each member of the web conference to interact with the group directly, instead of questions come in one-by-one.

Brings clarity

While web conference itself is capable of making things clear in a meeting, the additional feature of group chat during the conference helps to bring further clarity. Participants can share their views to the whole group to help them in understanding things better.

Saves Time

Group chat during an ongoing web conference is capable of saving time as one can share things to the group as a whole instead of sending to each member individually

Better Communication

With the additional feature of group chat during an ongoing video call, it helps to improve communication within the group. Participants can share, discuss and bring in more clarity to the meeting.


  1. Go to chat menu
  2. To create new group click on the three dots
  3. Name your group
  4. Select participants from contact book and create group

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