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2017-11-09 08:26:55 | Sparsh Gera | in category Click to Call, Sales

Most of the businesses rely on their website to generate online leads/appointment/sales. They provide a hotline number, where customer need to call that number from their mobile or landline. In many cases customer have to pay on their own for calling that number, or they need to note down the number and make the call from their mobile. This doesn’t provide a seamless user experience and the chances of customer loss is very high in the usual scenarios like these.

To solve this problem and generate more leads from the existing resources, as a website owner you can use a Click to call solution. Click to call is a button or widget that can be integrated on your website or mobile app. Your customers can click on the click to call button and it will connect them with your agents over Audio, Video, chat and much more on your business website or mobile app.  

Click to Call works in 2 ways: as a Widget and as a Button

Customer click on “Click to call” button/widget on website, your agent receive the call
  • On the dashboard if online
  • On mobile/landline if offline
Your Agent pick the call and get connected to customer and start talking with them  

How to Increase Sales and Generate more Leads using Click to call?

The primary goal of each and every business is to generate online leads, and this is one of the most important benefit of click- to- call technology. This is possible as it:
  • Allows your website visitors to have a fast and an easier way of contacting you. With this, you encourage them to call you in case they want further elaborations, they are no longer required to fill the inquiry forms and wait for response. They can talk to you live over voice and video. Generally users visit your website for information about your product or services, but most of the time the information related to Pricing, support etc. are not clearly available or the user want to know more. In this scenario they require a fast and easy way of connecting with you and what else can be better than have a human connected with the website visitor over voice with a single click of a button.
  • Overcomes consumer reluctance to trade online. You reduce abandoned purchase as the customers can readily and effectively get help when they need it. Mostly with high value online transactions, customers are afraid of putting their credit card details on the website. But a human voice on the other end can calm the customer down and give them assurance that their money is secure, this makes live as a customer very easy and they can trust your website more. We all know Bots and Artificial intelligence is important but when it comes to doing transactions online, we still feel insecure and want our money to go in safe hands and only a human support can make it possible.
  • Operates at any time of the day in a week. This, therefore, means that you will not miss out on the sales opportunities. Callers can still call you in cases the offices are closed. You will be able to take their calls, provide help and capture their details. Normally your working hours are from 9 am to 6 pm on weekdays but your website is live 24/7, your customers can call you anytime of any day. Click to call provides a solution which allow you to handle their query anytime, anywhere on any network to provide support and generate online leads.
  • Reveals the web pages which prompt the most inquiries and also generate most sales. As you implement Click to call on most of your pages like Contact Us Page, Pricing Page etc. it becomes important to understand which pages are generating most of the calls for your team. Click to call allow you just the same, the dashboard provide clear analytics about the number call generated from different pages, duration of calls etc. and other such factors which can help you take specific action on the different webpages
  • Presents the human face behind your website. This is vital as it makes you accessible, welcoming and proactive.Customers have specific problems. An FAQ section and knowledge base on the website is great, but it will never address a specific problem the way a human can. Let’s say, a FAQ answer tell reader to try steps 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5, but step 5 is absolutely new to the customer and he has no idea about it. In that situation he need to have someone explain it to him in detail and handhold him for executing that step. Only a human can do that.
  • Allows the customers to contact you on their terms and at their convenience, without any delay. “Customer is king” is an old saying which hold true in every business, so kings don’t like you to dictate your terms on them. They want to talk to you on their terms and their convenience, be it 12 in the night of 4 in the morning.Click to Call allow you to give your customers the feel of a professional big enterprise without the need of having to spend on a big setup to do so. You can simply pay a small monthly fee and handle your customer calls 24/7 without any worry.

Personalise your interaction

The Human Touch: When it comes to making sales and generating Leads online, there is no substitute for a real-time connection with a potential customer, the faster you can make it happen, the better your chances of converting the website visitor into paying customer. The human touch to online sales is what makes Click to Call different and help you generate online leads

Customer want it right now: Click to Call enables your potential customers to contact you instantly via voice or video, with the addition of a one-click button easily added to any web page, e-mail, e-newsletter, blog etc. your customers can now call you anytime whenever they want. It gives your customers the flexibility of calling you 24/7 without worrying about the working hours

Respond faster: 78% of consumers will select the company or professional who is the first to respond and answers their questions. So don’t wait for them to fill a form and then make a response, catch them when they are looking for you with a click to call solution on your website.  

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