File sharing is a necessary part of any business or individual communication. File sharing along with verbal conversation leads to a fruitful web conference. It provides a greater clarity to the discussions and helps the participants understand the speaker.

File sharing is not limited to any particular format. In KloudCon, you can share any type of documents in any formats and also YouTube links during the meeting.


Multiple file sharing

Share any document within your team during a conference call such as doc, PTT, Excel etc. or Share a YouTube video link. It gives the users a wide range of necessary documents and links to share without any restrictions.

Better clarity

File sharing in addition to web conference leads to a better understanding of the ongoing discussion. Files can be shared during the meeting means users do not need to stop the conference to send files separately. Both things can be done simultaneously.

Instant sharing

Sharing necessary files at the right time can help businesses or ongoing meetings a lot. Topics can be understood more clearly, references can be consulted and much more, all the while leading to a successful web conferencing.

Saves Time

Sharing files simultaneously during an ongoing web conference saves time. Files can instantly be shared with a few clicks without interrupting the discussions. Also, sharing the files during the discussions leaves no room for forgetting it to do later.

Better accessibility

Group chat during an ongoing web conference is capable of saving time as one can share things to the group as a whole instead of sending to each member individually

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