In today’s fast paced world it becomes a hectic task to remember all your meetings and tasks. And in addition to this any error in this scheduling has the potential of causing great loses. Therefore calendar integration is essential for any business or any user with multiple events to attend.

Calendar integration provides better records, improved communication and better scheduling. Implementing this means less time is required for creating a record of the events. And in turn more effort can be put into other tasks.


Better records

Maintaining a record is very important when there are multiple meetings or event in future. It helps to keep a track of things and also helps to prepare for each of the events beforehand. With calendar integration, records of all the past meetings and future events can be achieved.

Better scheduling

Overlapping meetings or events due to mismanaged schedule is a thing of past now. You can achieve better scheduling of all your events and keep a track of them easily using the calendar integration function present in KloudCon.

Improved Communication

With calendar integration and better scheduling of all your online meetings there are less chances of any errors in communication. You can share meeting schedules without any chance of error.

Better time management

Calendar integration feature of KloudCon syncs all your meetings to Google, Outlook calendars thereafter give you more time to focus on important tasks rather than copying each meeting timetable. In this way along with reducing the chances of error, this helps in a better time management.

Increased productivity

With better scheduling and better time management there is a great improvement in productivity. User productivity is seen to improve with a proper schedule to follow. There are less time wastages and more focus can be given to the work.

Never miss an event

Calendar integration helps you to be alert for all your upcoming online meetings. And therefore with this feature always reminding you of your events, you would never have to miss a meeting in future.

3 Easy Steps to Calendar Integration

Step 1

Login to your KloudCon Account and select email address of participants for your conference.

Step 2

Send conference invitation mail to your participants with the calendar as attachment.

Step 3

On receiving the email, participants need to click on the attachment and the conference date & time schedule will be integrated automatically.

Note: For participants using Gmail, the conference date & time schedule will be integrated into their Google calendar. For Outlook users, the conference date & time schedule will be integrated into their Outlook calendar.

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