Why Do Businesses Need Website Callback Service?

Businesses around the world belong to different industry verticals but the ultimate goal of every business is to grow and increase revenue. To achieve this goal, there are endless tools available in the market but a very few of them are actually effective. One such tool is Website Callback Service which is getting quite popular these days. In this post, we are going to explain all about Website callback service and how it can be an extremely useful tool for a business. Let’s get started.

What is a Website Callback Service?

As the term suggests, Website callback Service refers to a technology through which website visitors can ask or request for a callback from the business. Suppose a prospect is browning your website and while doing so he turns up with some queries. By clicking on the Call Me Back button on your website, the prospect or website visitor can easily inform your business that he wants to connect.

In order to receive a callback from a business, a website visitor need to click on the ‘call me back’ button and submit some contact information, which may include:

  • Name of the Customer
  • Contact Number of the customer
  • Preferred Time for Call
  • Country/City
  • First Time Buyer / Repeat Buyer

As soon as the business receives a callback request along with these details, an agent from the business connects with the person as per the provided data.

Benefits of Website Callback Service for Businesses

In a survey, it has been found that “63% of respondents prefer a callback option rather than waiting on hold.” Now we know that website callback service is a convenient way for website visitors or prospects when they want to get in touch with the business. But besides that, this service offers a lot of benefits to businesses. Let us see what those benefits are:

Reduce Contact Center Wait time

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Providing customers with a return call request is certainly a better option than making them wait on hold to talk to a live agent. Long waiting times are directly associated with high call abandonment rates because the more the caller has to wait, the more often people give up to call the business at some later time. So when you call customers at a time convenient to them, call abandonment rate automatically gets reduced.

Better Customer Data Analysis

Data that comes along with inbound calls can provide businesses with deeper insights about your customers and prospects. You can track and analyze the extracted data through a data analytics software. So with the return call request service, you automatically receive customer data that is accurate and useful.

Enhance Customer Experience

By eliminating the frustration of hold time, the callback service automatically leads to customers who are more likely to be friendlier and less argumentative. When you offer services as per customers’ convenience, they surely feel valued. As per stats, 46% of consumers have moved to a competitor as a direct result of poor customer service. And over 78% of customers said that lesser hold time when calling would make them very likely to do business with a company again. That very well explains it all. You can also read our post on How Click to Dial Can Improve Your Customer Support?

Improve Resolution Rates

A research shows that “93% of customers expect their call to be resolved on the first call.” First Call Resolution or FCR is a very important metric in evaluating the performance of a contact center. It offers various advantages like higher customer satisfaction and fewer inbound calls. Also, it accelerates effective utilization of agent time which has a direct impact on their productivity.

Decrease in Cost

It is obvious that the more a customer is put on hold, the more are the charges that the business has to pay. The callback option eliminates the waiting time and thus the toll charges that are to be borne by the business. This leads to significant savings of telecom costs for any call center.

Quality Leads

According to stats “37% of marketers stated that generating high-quality leads was one of their biggest challenges.” We know that only truly interested customers will take out the time to fill the callback service form and send their request. So following up with customers and prospects that reached you would mean that interacting with only those who are highly likely to convert and generate sales.

Get the Best Website Callback Service for your Business with KloudTalk

Website callback service is a part of modern day business phone system service. You can simply subscribe to a cloud based business phone service like KloudTalk to enjoy various advanced features including website callback. Some of the other highlighting features are:

  • Intelligent Call Routing for patching callers with the right agents
  • Click to Call Buttons for website and email signature
  • DID numbers or Business Phone Numbers
  • Multilevel Interactive Voice Response
  • Call Recording and Call Reporting
  • Voicemail as attachments on email
  • Text to Speech to set voice for IVR

To know more, please get in touch with us.

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