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Everything You Need to Know About Hosted IVR System

Everything You Need to Know About Hosted IVR System

We know that “a happy customer is the greatest advertisement”. Today, businesses keep a customer-centric approach. It is a major factor that determine their success amidst the changing business landscape and cut-throat competition. The emerging IVR i.e. interactive voice response technology proves as a boon. How? An IVR, which is also known as Auto Attendant, is basically […]

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Call Routing

Call Routing: Everything You Need to Know About It

What could be the biggest nightmare for a business? It is when a customer calls a business and reaches a dead end rather than getting an answer to their query. Mostly, it happens as the caller gets connected to the wrong department or agent. But it is important to realize that even one such call […]

Virtual Phone Number

Get Virtual Phone Number for Business Phone System

While every single call is important for a business, equally crucial is the business number on which the call is made. In this post we are going to discuss all about virtual phone numbers for business phone systems. Let’s go! Challenges with Traditional Phone Numbers A few years back, hardware based business phone systems were […]

Voicemail service

7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Voicemail Service

In this age where the internet is penetrated everywhere, we have a lot of new communication tools to make business interactions better than ever. But it doesn’t mean that we shall forget already-established systems such as voicemail that have resided in the market for several years. We know that phone calls are still one of […]


Auto Attendant: Why Your Business Phone System Needs It?

Called a business and addressed by an automated answering service? Sound familiar? Undoubtedly, you must have encountered an auto attendant a number of times. So what exactly is an auto-attendant? Why do businesses use it? What benefits does it offer to businesses? Let’s discuss. What is an Auto-attendant? Also known as IVR i.e. Interactive Voice […]

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