5 Industries That Can Benefit From Business Phone System

We are in the 21st century. Accept it or not – the time of traditional phone lines has gone. Emergence of advanced technologies like cloud have revamped the way business communication was done. Better call quality, lower operational costs and access to amazing communication features is making the modern day cloud based business phone systems a preferred choice for almost every industry. To support this statement, we have gathered a number of recent facts and statistics, as mentioned below:

  • 74% of companies say that cloud phone systems are their most urgent investment priorities.
  • Cloud Telephone Systems can cut down initial investment costs for startups by 90%.
  • 65% of people prefer to contact businesses using their phones.
  • The cloud based telephone market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 12% from 2020 to 2025.

Now, it is obvious that any company or organization that relies on making internal and external calls can significantly gain from cloud business phone system benefits. Let us understand cloud based business phone system benefits for businesses from different industry verticals.

Customer Service

Customer care centers or call centers are basically all about taking customer calls, resolving their queries and issues and providing personalized solutions. For a very long time, traditional phone lines dominated this industry, but these days cloud contact centers are the latest buzz. Businesses dealing in this industry can make use of cloud phone technology to gain benefits like:

  • Lower operational costs as cloud setup does not require investment on hardware installation.
  • Minimizing call wait times through intelligent call routing that directs customer calls to right agents.
  • Collect call data through Call Recording to analyze and evaluate performance of employees and evaluate quality of service delivered to clients.


Hospitality is all about experience. Professionals from the industry aim at providing customers with the best services so that they have an unforgettable experience. So what features do cloud phone systems have to assist hospitality professionals? Well, here’s the answer:

  • Auto Attendant or Interactive Voice Response greets callers and even addresses their basic queries, thus posing a professional image to the callers.
  • Customized greetings or music keeps the callers engaged during a call.
  • Call recordings can be used to figure out any abusive language or bad behavior used by agents while talking to customers.
  • Callers can choose an option that best defines their concern from the IVR menu and connect directly to the most suitable agent.

Real Estate

When dealing in property ownership and renting, it is crucial to ensure that each customer call is answered. This type of business usually involves repetitive calls between agents and customers. So it becomes important to have a dedicated phone answering machine that offers high reliability, uptime and efficiency. All these requirements are effectively fulfilled by cloud telephone systems. Here’s how:

  • While auto-attendant and voicemail ensure that each call is attended, realtors can have a peace of mind and focus their energy on other important tasks.
  • Virtual Phone Numbers offered by cloud phone systems can helps realtors in targeting specific regions more effectively as numbers come with local area codes.
  • While travelling or moving, cloud phone systems can be easily used for calling through mobile phone via web or mobile app.
  • Cloud Phone Systems offer high quality calls without any interruption which is necessary for smooth conversation with customers.


The work done by Medical Practitioners is highly critical and often they experience high call volume from patients for appointments, queries and emergencies, etc. In order to manage workflow efficiently, a cloud business phone system benefits can be of great use.

  • Patient call overflow can be managed easily by intelligent call routing as calls are directed to right agents without any intervention from a human receptionist.
  • The likelihood of emergency calls being answered instantly increases significantly due to automatic call routing to a live agent by the cloud phone system.
  • During non-operational hours or holidays or unavailability of the hospital staff, Voicemail can work to store messages from callers that can be answered later.
  • Answers to general medical questions can be handled by IVR which reduces the workload of the doctors.


While people like to shop online these days, making phone calls are a preferred method to get answers to queries and concerns. For example, any query regarding delivery of a product or order. So it is evident that phone calls are still an important part of the ecommerce business.

  • Click-to-Call buttons offered by cloud phone systems can offer great value as customers can connect to the business over phone call from the website itself.
  • DID numbers or business phone numbers help businesses to appear as local to customers thus increasing the chances of conversion or sales.
  • Call Reports can be useful in analyzing call data and make informed business decisions.

There are several other industries that can gain cloud business phone system benefits. It is the right time to switch your business phone to cloud and reap benefits before you are too late.

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