How to Get A Business Phone Number Instantly?

Starting a small business? Or planning to expand your current one? At times, it can be overwhelming to get a business phone number. Gone are the days when businesses were dependent on one type of traditional landlines telephone system. The internet and mobile revolution have brought numerous options offering better functionality, greater customization, and that too at reasonable pricing. Isn’t that great? But how do you choose the perfect number for your business phone system? Well, this post will address your queries.

What is a Business Phone Number & Why Do You Need It?

Mobile phone usage is common these days. Everyone in the family, friends, and workplace has their personal phones with a dedicated phone number through which they make and receive calls. Likewise, a business phone number is a dedicated number through which customers can contact your business.

Consider a situation where a potential customer just Googles out your business number but couldn’t find one and ends up calling one of your competitors. Not just it ruin your image but also impacts your sales and conversion. Every company primarily aspires to appear professional, legitimate, and unique in front of its audience. Also, even if you are a small business, using your personal number for business operations can be quite cumbersome and can spoil your work-life balance.

Further, regardless of the availability of several self-service digital channels such as live chatting, texting, emailing, etc. people still make calls to businesses. This means that we cannot deny the importance of human interaction.

All these goals are achieved when you get a business phone number.

Does Every Company Need a Phone Number for Business?

According to a study, more than half a million new businesses open every month. With such huge numbers, you cannot risk the foundation of your business. Having a separate phone number certainly paves the way to easy and effective communication.

What Features You Can Get with Your Business Phone Number

The service behind your business number can make a huge difference. Opting for a reputable service provider such as KloudTalk can make business communication a lot smoother than it ever would have been. Some useful features that you can look for are:

  1. Call Recording
  2. Call Forwarding
  3. Interactive Voice response with multi-level support
  4. Click to Call Button facility

Benefits of Having A Business Phone Number

It’s a beneficial asset for a business; here are some pointers highlighting why:

  • Helps in building a professional and credible image
  • Having a dedicated number helps in forwarding the call to the right person when there’s a team of people to answer incoming business calls
  • You can add a professional voicemail for “after business hours” calls

Choose The Kind Of Phone Number You Need for Business

Before you get a business number, it is important to know the different types of numbers that businesses can avail themselves of. Take a look:

Types of Business Phone Numbers

Local Phone Number

It is a number that begins with a specific area code or country code. Getting a local number means you can portray your business as local which is advantageous because several customers prefer to choose a local business.

Toll-Free Phone Number

Toll-Free Numbers are those starting with some specific codes such as 800, 855, etc. and these codes are not associated with any specific region or area. Also, as the name suggests, callers are never charged for calling. So, Toll-free numbers are different from local numbers. The advantage of using a toll-free number is that callers can call your business on a single phone number. Whereas in the case of local numbers, a business has to keep the separate number for separate locations.

Virtual Phone Number

These types of numbers are not bound to a fixed region or area, and these numbers can be used to make or receive calls from different types of devices such as cellphones, softphones, etc. In simple words, a virtual phone number removes the physical limitations as it is not tied to a specific phone device or line.

Vanity Phone Number

It is a form of local or toll-free number which is easy to remember. For e.g. a vanity number can be created using a phone word such as 1-800-FLOWERS or an all-numeric number such as 1-800-800-8000.

Why Should I Choose KloudTalk to Buy Business Phone Number

Before you buy a phone number for business, it is important to research and compare different cloud-based telephone service providers. As we have done that job for you, we recommend you to choose KloudTalk as your cloud telephony provider. To support our recommendation, there are several reasons:

  • Offers KloudTalk App on Android and iOS to make calls and collaborate from anywhere
  • It is easy to manage over the online portal/interface
  • Offers monthly pricing and the choice to scale up and down
  • Offers high reliability of data as everything is on the cloud
  • Only a good internet connection is required for its sound working
  • No maintenance hassle and therefore no extra investment is needed

How To Get A Business Phone Number?

Getting started is easy. With KloudTalk, you will not only get a cloud-based phone system for your business, but it offers you 50+ Toll-Free or Local phone numbers of major countries around the globe without any extra charge.

Choose The Right Business Phone System

Choosing an appropriate phone system depends on a number of questions:

  • Whether you want an on-premises or cloud-based platform? We recommend opting for a cloud-based phone system as it offers greater flexibility and control.
  • What type of calling and collaboration features does your business need? Audio and video conferencing, call transfer and routing, etc. can be considered.
  • How much are you ready to pay? How many active users are there? You can save significantly by choosing the right service provider.

Decide Your Business Phone Number

It is said that “simpler the better”, always better to choose a simple number that would be easy for customers to remember. However, if you are not able to get a simple one, there’s no need to worry, as far as you have a great product that people find really useful, they are going to reach out to you. Also, a business may need to get multiple numbers in accordance with its country-wise presence. To simplify such a scenario, KloudTalk offers instant business numbers of 50+ countries to its users.

Select the Device on Which You Want To Host Your Business Phone System

The choice of a phone system will greatly determine the operations for your business in the coming years. Since location flexibility is not only common but essential, this means a virtual phone system that integrates with laptops and mobile devices would be a better choice.

Choose What Features You Need

Every business has different communication requirements. Firstly, you need to identify the essential features so that you are ready with a list of what you actually need. Based on that, you can start comparing different service providers and the plans offered by them.

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